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Our Latest Work

How to take apart Brita Pitcher

Want a detailed guide on how to take apart Brita Pitcher for cleaning? Here is a to-the-point guide to help you complete your work in record time.

Why Does My Filtered Water Taste Funny

If you have been asking lately: Why does my filtered water taste funny or weird, you are in the right place!

Best Tankless Reverse Osmosis Systems

Find the Best Tankless Reverse Osmosis Systems in the market right now!

Frizzlife Water Filter Review

An in-detail review about the Frizzlife water filter and their awesome features and alternatives. Read more to know!

A graphic with a portable water filter with words written "Why Is My Brita Filter So Slow"

We have tested Brita filters and found 10 real reasons why it’s so slow. Read more to find out  why is your Brita Filter is so slow!

an illustrative image representing the question that can pregnant women drink alkaline water

This article will discuss the many health advantages of alkaline and whether it is safe to drink while pregnant.

Hydroviv Water Filter Review

To help you find the best water filtration system for your kitchen, we have conducted an in-depth Hydroviv water filter review to find whether it’s worth its Shark Tank hype.

Waterdrop Filter Reviews 5 Premium Purification Choices-2022

We have tested 5 waterdrop RO systems and found what makes them different! Read on to know more!


Here we test different ingredients of a popular health drink to find whether it contains enough electrolytes for a healthy lifestyle.

How to Test pH of Water Without a Kit

In this guide, we will discuss 5 ways to test water pH using simple DIY methods without expensive kits.

What happens if you drink moldy water

It causes abrupt infections, nausea, respiratory issues, diarrhea, etc. Read on to know more!

Frizzlife vs Waterdrop

I’ve tested and compared frizzlife and waterdrop under-sink systems for your best choice in 2022. Read more to find out!

does zerowater filter remove fluoride

We have conducted a rigorous test to find whether Zero water pitcher indeed removes fluoride as claimed in its advertisements.

Is Florida Tap Water Safe To Drink In 2024 (According To The Latest Research)

In this guide, we’ll take you through the source of Florida water, the contaminants found in the water, and whether it is safe and healthy to drink.

Why Is My Well Water Orange

The orange color in water indicates a high concentration of iron, manganese, or tannin. Read more for a detailed explainer!

How To Remineralize Reverse Osmosis Water

Read this to know how to remineralize reverse osmosis water in 5 different methods!

Fluoride and Chlorine removing Water filters

We spent more than 3 weeks researching 35+ fluorine and chlorine filters to come out with this list of top 5 water filters that remove fluoride and chlorine in 2023.

Reverse Osmosis vs Alkaline Water

Which is healthier to drink? Alkaline or RO? Read more for an in-depth comparison of reverse osmosis vs. alkaline water to decide which is best for your household!

Well Water Pressure Fluctuates

The main reason well water pressure fluctuates is a waterlogged pressure tank allowing the air to escape. Read more for all nine reasons behind well water pressure fluctuating!

water filters that remove arsenic

We have tested numerous water filters that remove arsenic to pick out the best 5. Find out the right water filter to remove arsenic with this expert guide!

Reasons Why Is My Well Water Yellow

A yellowish tint in your well water may indicate rust, iron bacteria, or tannin contamination inside the system. Read ahead to know the reasons and solutions for yellow well water.

How To Increase Water Pressure In RO System

There are many ways to heighten the RO water pressure. Read more for a detailed guide on increasing pressure in RO using seven different actionable methods. 

Water Softener Constantly Draining

There are many other reasons behind this drainage. Stay with me as I’ll show you 8 common issues that result in RO water drainage.

Can you drink shower water?

Have you ever tried to drink water from your bathroom shower? Is shower water safe to drink? Read more as we disclose all 5 reasons why shower water is bad for drinking!

Waterdrop G2 vs G3

Waterdrop is undoubtedly the most popular RO brand, and in this guide, we will put Waterdrop G2 vs G3 to the ultimate test. So read ahead to know more!

SpringWell vs Aquasana

Aquasana filters work well for the city’s municipal water, while SpringWell filters efficiently purify water from private wells. Here is an in-depth comparison!

How Long Does It Take To Pee After Drinking Water

It usually takes five to fifteen minutes to pee after drinking water. If you are still confused about how long it takes to pee after drinking water, then read more!

What Is That White Chalky Residue From Water

Noticing white chalky residue from water on your bathroom or kitchen faucets? Read more for a detailed guide on short-term and long-term solutions!

Can You Shower In E Coli Water

Suspecting e coli in bathing water? Read more for a detailed guide on whether you can shower in e coli water and how to prevent its exposure effectively.

How to reduce TDS in water

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) are the total amount of dissolved solids in water. Read more for an in-depth guide on how to reduce TDS in water using practical methods.

Rust in Well Water

Does your well water taste metallic? It’s because of rust, most likely because of corroded pipes, damaged well casing, excess iron in groundwater, or iron bacteria in well pipes.

Aquasure Water Softener Reviews

Having a water softener is a necessity rather than a luxury. But is the Aquasure Harmony Series the one you need? Read more for an in-depth Aquasure water softener review.

What happens if you drink moldy water

What happens if you drink moldy water? Read more for an in-depth guide on the risks and how to get rid of it!

Hydroviv VS Aquasana

Are you confused between Hydroviv vs Aquasana under sink systems? That’s why in this latest comparison guide, we have compared Aquasana and Hydroviv systems for best choice!

Aquasana Vs Berkey

When it comes to water storage, bladder tanks and pressure tanks are two popular options. But what sets them apart? Read more to learn more about bladder tank vs pressure tank.

Bladder Tank vs Pressure Tank

Choosing the right water filter for your house can be a stressful task. Lucky for you, we bring you the complete Aquasana Vs Berkey guide to make your work easy!  

Why My ZeroWater Tastes Like Lemon

Started using ZeroWater for a month and found the filtered water tasting sour like lemon? Read more to find out!

Where To Discharge Water Softener Backwash [5 Simple Ways And More!

Are you trying to figure out where to discharge water softener backwash? Read more to find out 5 easy ways to discharge backwash.

Best Whole House Reverse Osmosis System

Take a sigh of relief as we have tested numerous water treatment systems to pick just the right ones for you.

How Fast Does Well Water Replenish

Want to know how exactly these factors affect the replenishing of well water? Read more to find out!

Sterling Water Softener Reviews

In this updated guide, we’ll explain 5 best Sterling water softener reviews based on softening efficiency, flow rate, and ease of maintenance.

5 Best Iron Filter for Well Water

We’ve tested 17+ iron water filters and have narrowed it down to this list of five best well water iron filter systems.

PUR Water Filter Light Not Working

An annoying issue could be the PUR water filter light not working. Keep reading to find all you need to know about this issue and how to fix it!

The 9 Practical Alternatives To Reverse Osmosis Systems

Here is a detailed guide on the 9 best alternatives to reverse osmosis systems. Follow this article to know which suits you the best!

cheapest way to remove manganese from well water

If you are worried about the cheapest way to remove manganese from well water, I’ve got you covered!

Black Sediment in Well Water

Follow this article for an in-depth guide on the causes of black sediment in well water and how to fix it effectively. 

Does Reverse Osmosis Water Dehydrate You

Read this article for a detailed guide on making your reverse osmosis drinking water more hydrating.

Benefits of alkaline water for your dog

We know that alkaline water can be good for humans, but is it true for your pet dog too? Is alkaline water good for dogs? Read more for a detailed guide.

Springwell vs Pelican

SpringWell and Pelican are the leading brands in whole house water filtration systems. Ever wondered which one’s better? Read to find out!

Do Water Softeners Remove Iron

Does your water taste metallic and stain everything, even after installing a water softener? Read more to find out!

How To Make Tap Water Taste Better

Want to know how to make tap water taste better in detail? Read more to find out more about it!

Can A Well Run Out Of Water

Follow this article for a detailed answer on: “Can a well run out of water” along with practical solutions to deal with the problem. 

Does Reverse Osmosis Remove Lead From Water

A RO water filter can effectively remove lead from water in an easy and budget-friendly way. Read on to know more!

Water Softener Alternatives

A water softener system or ion exchange water softener is one of the most effective ways to soften water. Read more to find out!

Is Well Water Good for Your Hairs

Have you also shifted from city water to private well water? Read more to make your hair glow even in well water.

Does Well Water Have Chlorine

Did you find a weird bleach smell in your well water? Does your well water have chlorine? Read more to find out!

How To Sanitize Reverse Osmosis System

In this guide, we will dive deep into the process of how to sanitize the reverse osmosis system. Read on to know more!

Are Whole House Water Filters Worth It? [The Deepest Guide In 2022]

Follow this article for a detailed checklist on whether you need a whole-house water filter for your home in 2023.

Best Water Softener For Apartments

After putting various portable softeners to the test, we’ve narrowed the list to the top 4 best water softeners for apartments. 

best faucet for hard water

I’ve tested and rated 5 top faucet finishes so that you can say goodbye to your hard water problems once and for all. Here is everything you need to know!

Water Softener vs Water Filter

Are you worried about all the unwanted chemicals lurking in your tap water? Then, say hello to your two water heroes: softeners and filters!

Deionized water vs Distilled water

Here is an article for a head-on deionized water vs distilled water comparison in terms of processing, mineral content, and purity standards for drinking.

Pros and Cons of well water

Read more for an in-depth audit on the pros and cons of well water and all the head-on comparisons between well and city water. 

Why my tap water smells like chlorine

Is your tap water smelling like chlorine? Read more to find 5 reasons why my tap water smells like chlorine with practical solutions.

Reverse Osmosis Vs Distilled Water

Here is a detailed reverse osmosis vs distilled water comparison to find which is best for home consumption.

How To Set Water Softener Hardness Level

Follow this article to know the exact factors and formula you need to know to set the correct hardness level like a champ!

Does Reverse Osmosis Remove Microplastics

Read on for an in-depth guide on how Reverse Osmosis systems remove microplastics and other cost-effective elimination methods.

Best Acid Neutralizer for Well Water

We spent three weeks analyzing over 17 acid neutralizers to bring you the three best acid neutralizers for your well water in 2023.

Best Water Filter For Removing Calcium

Lucky for you, we have tested over 11 softeners + conditioners to shortlist the three best calcium water filters for your water.

How To Remove Copper From Drinking Water

Read more to know how to remove copper from drinking water and about the effective ways to protect yourself from copper toxicity.

How Do You Get Rid Of Uranium In Well Water

Did you test your well water and find uranium levels higher than 30 ug/L? Follow for a complete guide on uranium in well water.

Do Water Softeners Remove Fluoride

No, water softener does not eliminate fluoride. Read to know the details, along with the effective fluoride removal systems 

Best Water Softener for Iron removal

We have spent 100+ hours testing 37+ water softeners to find the 3 best water softeners for iron removal with 3 runners-up choices.

How To Remove Fluoride From Water Cheaply

This article will provide an in-depth discussion of fluoride and the numerous ways on how to remove fluoride from water cheaply.

Is Sulphur in water bad for you

Click on read more to find the answer to “is sulfur in water bad for you,” what are its dangerous effects, and ways to safeguard yourself.

How often to change RO Filters

Short answer: Once a year. Here is a detailed guide on the lifespans of Reverse Osmosis filters and when to replace filters.

Water Softener Full Of Water

Do you find your water softener full of water and overflowing? Read more for a detailed troubleshooting on the water softener full of water for all possible reasons.

Why Is My Water Brown All Of A Sudden

Has your home’s tap water turned murky overnight? Read this article, and I promise you will know everything in detail with practical solutions to the problem.

Does Reverse Osmosis Remove Bacteria

Some bacteria or viruses can bypass the tight RO membrane. Learn more about it and the shortcomings of reverse osmosis systems in this latest guide. 

Can You Use Pool Salt In A Water Softener

Have you accidentally bought pool salt for your water softener? Read this article for an expert analysis on using pool water salt for your softening system.

Pros and Cons of Water Softeners

Why bother spending a fortune on a water softening system? Read more to know whether water softeners will benefit your home!

How To Dechlorinate Tap Water

Read this article to know about the exact methods to dechlorinate tap water for drinking, fish tanks, and plants as a bonus as simply and effectively as possible. 

How To Soften Hard Water

Are you interested in learning more about how to soften hard water? We promise to guide you ahead and confide you with various laundry, kitchen, and bathing hard water solutions.

Water Softener Pellets VS Crystals

Here is a detailed difference between water softener pellets vs crystals so you can enjoy softer water without hassle.

How Much Air Pressure Should Be In A Water Tank

Your well tank’s air pressure is the key to unlocking the water flow. Read this detailed guide to know the answer!

Does Kirkland Water Have Fluoride

Kirkland Water, aka Costco Water, is one of the fluoride-free bottled water brands in the US. But how safe is it?

Does Boiling Water Remove Chlorine

Read this detailed guide on how boiling water removes chlorine and other better ways to remove the smelly chemical.

Simpure Y7 Review

Are you looking for an efficient countertop RO? We have tested all its key features and promise to provide an in-depth SimPure Y7P countertop RO review.

Cheapest Way To Remove Iron From Well Water

There are various ways to remove unwanted iron. Let’s dive into the most budget-friendly ways to make your well water safer than ever before.

Waterdrop D6 vs G3

As the ultimate comparison between Waterdrop D6 and G3 boils down to critical factors like filtration efficiency and high flow rate, here’s the best guide to for the right filter. 

How to Reset Water Softener [Tried & Tested Guide In 2022]

Read on because we’re going to guide you on how to reset a wide variety of water softeners in a few easy steps.

How To Remove Sodium From Softened Water

Wondering how to remove sodium from softened water? Let’s dive straight into the details!

Water Conditioner VS Water Softener

In this article, you will find insightful knowledge about the working of both these types of water treatment methods and how the two are different.

Best water softener for septic systems

The permanent solution to all hard water problems is water softeners. To make your search easier, we’ve shortlisted 3 best water softener for septic systems after weeks of research.

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