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Note:This page may contain affiliate links.

Hydroviv vs Waterdrop: Which Is The Best Under-Sink? (2024)

Hydroviv vs Waterdrop

Hydroviv and Waterdrop have become two well-known under-sink water filter brands. While both promise to deliver clean and filtered water, they employ different filtration technologies and offer unique features. 

Waterdrop offers features like 8-stage filtration (including RO and UV sterilization) and a smart display faucet for TDS and filter life monitoring. Whereas, Hydroviv lacks an RO filtration stage but provides customized filters after analyzing the water quality of your locality. 

Below is the in-depth comparison, where we will explore the key differences between Hydroviv and Waterdrop, highlighting their pros and cons, filtration capabilities, ease of use, and customer support!

🤔Is Hydroviv Really Good?

Shark Tank Star
Hydroviv filter


  • Customizable filters based on local water quality
  • 99% contaminant removal rate
  • Retains essential minerals for improved water taste
  • NSF 42 and 53 Certifications
  • Compact design
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Easy installation 


  • Replacement filters are expensive.
  • It does not remove fluoride and nitrates.

Hydroviv can provide customized water filters tailored to the specific water quality in each customer’s location. Their filters are designed to remove various contaminants, including lead, PFAS, and arsenic, without relying on reverse osmosis (RO) technology.

This approach ensures that essential minerals remain in the water, delivering a better-tasting and healthier drinking experience.

🤔Is Waterdrop A Good Product?


  • 8-stage filtration with reverse osmosis technology
  • UV sterilization add-on
  • Smart display faucet 
  • Real-time TDS monitoring
  • Effective contaminant removal
  • 0.42 GPM flow rate
  • Easy installation 
  • Quick filter replacements
  • Space-saving tankless design
  • 2:1 pure-to-drain ratio
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee


  • Some customers have reported issues with the filter’s durability
  • Make noise while dispensing water.

Waterdrop’s G3P600 under-sink filter boasts an 8-stage filtration process, which includes reverse osmosis technology. This multi-stage filtration aims to eliminate many impurities, providing clean and purified water for consumption.

Additionally, the smart display faucet offers real-time water quality monitoring, providing users with useful information at their fingertips.

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🎌Hydroviv Vs Waterdrop: The Ultimate Comparison

Factors Hydroviv Under-SinkWaterdrop Under-Sink
Contaminants Removed 99% removal rate1000+ contaminants removed
Water TasteGood Good 
Filtration Capacity 720 Gallons / 6 months720 Gallons / 6 months
Water Flow Rate500 GPD600 GPD 
Ease Of Installation & Maintenance Easy Easy 
NSF Certifications NSF 42 and 53 CertificationsIndependently tested against NSF/ANSI Standards 58 and 372
Customer Support And Warranty Satisfactory1-year limited warrantySatisfactory 1-year limited warranty 

🧐Hydroviv Waterdrop: Detailed Comparison

Hydroviv filter
Adarsh P/ Aqua Professor

🧪Contaminants Removed

Both Waterdrop and Hydroviv water filters excel in removing contaminants, ensuring the delivery of clean and safe drinking water.

Waterdrop’s G3P600 under-sink water filter boasts an 8-stage filtration process. 

This includes reverse osmosis membrane, which can reduce a wide range of impurities such as chlorine, chloramines, lead, fluoride, and other harmful substances. 

The filter is designed to effectively remove 1000+ contaminants, ensuring clean and safe drinking water.

Hydroviv filters use activated carbon block filters  to remove up to 99% of contaminants from your water. It offers a unique approach to contaminant removal, providing custom filtration solutions, focusing on removing chlorine, lead, PFAS, arsenic, and other impurities based on the specific water quality in each customer’s location.


The winner of this comparison would be Hydroviv, as it provides targeted removal based on local water quality and preferences.

👅Water Taste

Both Waterdrop and Hydroviv under-sink water filters deliver commendable results regarding water taste. 

Waterdrop’s reverse osmosis membrane effectively removes impurities, while Hydroviv’s custom approach ensures essential minerals are retained for a more natural taste. So, it’s a tie between the two as both are reliable options for enjoying clean, refreshing, and better-tasting drinking water at home.

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🚰Filtration Capacity

Waterdrop G3
Adarsh P/ Aqua Professor

Waterdrop’s G3P600 under-sink water filter boasts an 8-stage filtration process.  It has:

  • 2 PP cotton layers
  • Activated and post-activated carbon block layer
  • RO membrane
  • Scale inhibitor membrane to reduce water scale.

You can also add the purpose of each filter. Coming to its filtration capacity:

  • The front compound filter has 6 months/550 gallons capacity.
  • The second stage RO element is 24 months/2200 gallons.
  • The third stage rear carbon rod filter is recommended to last 12 months or to filter 1,100 gallons.

Its fast water flow rate of 600 Gallons per day or 0.42 Gallons per minute can fill a glass of water in 8 seconds. 

Hydroviv’s under-sink water filter also offers a strong capacity with active carbon media. The filter is designed to provide custom filtration solutions after tracking down the contaminants prevalent in the customer’s local water supply.

It has a filter capacity of 720 gallons or about 6 months. It has a decent flow rate of 500 Gallons per day or 2 Gallons per minute

In the case of treated city water supplied by the area’s municipality, filters can be customized to remove chlorine, chloramines, and volatile organic compounds. However, for well water with high hardness levels, it’s recommended to look for other options with RO. 


We declare Waterdrop G3P600 as the winner in this category because of its advanced RO technology, which can remove a higher number of contaminants, including nitrates. 

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⚙️Ease Of Installation And Maintenance

The Waterdrop G3P600 under-sink system is praised for its user-friendly installation process. Note that it requires drilling a hole in the countertop if the user does not have it already.

It is designed to be easily installed under the kitchen sink, with clear instructions and all necessary components, including its own faucet provided in the package. 

Additionally, the filter replacement process is hassle-free.

Waterdrop provides a convenient twist-and-pull and push-and-twist mechanism to replace the filters in a few seconds. It has 3 filter cartridges – CF, CB, and RO with a lifespan of 6, 12, and 24 months respectively.

However, the filter replacement frequency depends on water usage and quality, but the simple and quick replacement process ensures continuous access to clean and purified water.

Waterdrop also provides a smart LED display on the filter housing and faucet platform.

You can remain notified about filter life and TDS levels at all times. 

Hydroviv under sink system is also designed for straightforward installation, providing customers with an installation guide and all necessary parts for easy setup.

Also, Hydroviv does not require any drilling.

Hydroviv does not provide its own faucet, so you can either connect it to your existing faucet or get a separate faucet installed to fetch filtered water.  

Regarding maintenance, Hydroviv’s custom filtration approach involves specific replacement filters tailored to the individual water quality.

You can only order these custom filters from Hydroviv instead of going for some aftermarket filters, which increases the cost.


The Waterdrop G3P600 emerges as the winner in the ease of installation and maintenance category. Its user-friendly installation process and straightforward filter replacement make it an accessible option for most users. 

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📜NSF Certifications

NSF Certification

The Waterdrop G3P600 under-sink water filter system holds NSF certifications for standards 58 (RO efficiency) and 372 (complying with lead regulations), supported by independent testing data, indicating good performance and reliability.

The filter is proven to reduce contaminants by up to 99%, meeting the strict requirements set by NSF for water filtration devices.

Hydroviv’s under-sink water filter is also NSF-certified for standards 42 (reducing chlorine) and 53 (reducing lead, VOCs, and 50 other harmful contaminants).

It’s a tie in this category as both Waterdrop G3P600 and Hydroviv satisfy strict guidelines set by NSF/ANSI under different standards. Their efficiency at removing harmful contaminants is tested, proven, and certified. 

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🧑‍💻Customer Support And Warranty

Waterdrop offers responsive customer service to address any queries or issues customers may encounter during or after purchasing their products. You can contact them via email or phone number given on their website. 

The Waterdrop G3P600 under-sink water filter system comes with a standard 1-year limited warranty if there are any defects or malfunctions in the filter, which may include repair or replacement of the unit.

You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the product. 

Hydroviv also offers personalized customer support. You can reach out to them via email or phone call. You are provided with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, wherein you get a full refund if the product doesn’t work out.

Besides, you get a 1-year manufacturer’s limited warranty, which is hard to claim according to the customers.


As the winner in this category, Waterdrop gains an edge due to its more detailed warranty information, where customers can be assured of coverage for potential defects or malfunctions during the warranty period. 

Moreover, the positive feedback from users regarding Waterdrop’s customer support further confirms its commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction.

🏆Which Is The Best Under Sink Water Filter? 

Which is the Best Under Sink Water Filter

It’s a close call, but Waterdrop has a slight edge in terms of overall filtration capabilities and technical features

It has a comprehensive 8-stage filtration, including reverse osmosis technology, readily removing harmful contaminants to provide great-tasting water.

The smart display faucet for real-time TDS monitoring and filter life indicator is handy for timely filter replacement. The quick customer service, positive reviews, and easy warranty claims make it a great choice for all. 

That being said, the final choice is still in your hands. Choose what suits your home and pocket the best. 

Consumers seeking a filter that addresses various contaminants, including chlorine, may prefer the Waterdrop G3P600. 

On the other hand, those looking for a tailored solution based on their specific water composition and a focus on retainingessential minerals may find Hydroviv to be the better fit.

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💡Waterdrop vs Hydroviv: FAQs

Does Hydroviv Use Reverse Osmosis?

No, Hydroviv does not use reverse osmosis (RO) in its water filtration systems. The company uses a different approach, offering customized activated carbon filters tailored to the specific water quality in each customer’s location.

Does Waterdrop Filter Remove E. Coli?

Yes, Waterdrop water filters are effective in removing E. coli. The Waterdrop filter is designed with multiple filtration stages, including advanced activated carbon media and RO filtration membrane capable of reducing E. coli, protozoans, fungi, spores, and other microbes commonly found in tap water.

Which Shark Invested In Hydroviv?

Mark Cuban invested $4,00,000 in Hydroviv on Season 10 Episode 18 of Shark Tank after hearing the pitch of Hydroviv’s founder, Eric Roy. However, the deal was later canceled.

Does The Waterdrop Filter Remove Arsenic?

Yes, the Waterdrop filter is designed to provide safe and arsenic-free drinking water. The Waterdrop G3P600 under-sink water filter system is certified to meet NSF 53 standards to remove various contaminants, including arsenic.

Does Hydroviv Actually Remove PFAS?

Yes, Hydroviv water filters are designed to remove PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances). Hydroviv uses activated carbon block filters, effectively removing PFAS from your feed water.

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