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Note:This page may contain affiliate links.

Frizzlife vs Waterdrop

Frizzlife vs Waterdrop: You Can’t Ignore What We Found [2023]

Talking about Frizzlife vs Waterdrop, both the water filters put up a tough competition as both provide safe and eco-friendly drinking water solutions through advanced water-saving technology. 

I have tested under sink water filters for both brands to curate this in-depth review and comparison guide for you.

Put an end to your confusion and doubts right here, right now! Let’s dive in!

Frizzlife PD600 Under Sink Water Filter


  • Flow Rate: 600 GPD and 0.41 GPM
  • Tankless design 
  • 1.5:1 Pure water to Drain ratio
  • Saves 450% of Water 
  • 250ml filtered water in 8 seconds
  • Smart LED Display 
  • 24*7 TDS Monitoring of water output
  • Filter Life Indicator 
  • External Remineralization Filter to add selected beneficial minerals 
  • Quick Filter Replacement
  • Easy Installation process
  • 5-stage Deep Filtration Technology
  • Protection Mode for safety


  • Drill holes and pipe alterations are required. 
  • 50dB audible noise and vibrations under the cabinet
  • Low Water Pressure (not suitable for refrigerator)

Frizzlife tankless house water filters provide a fantastic flow rate of 600 gallons per day and excellent smart features like LED display and water monitoring for smooth functioning of this user-friendly filtration system to provide safe water to the consumers. 

Waterdrop WD-G3P600-W Under Sink Water Filter


  • Flow Rate: 400 GPD and 0.28 GPM
  • Tankless design saves 50% of under-sink space 
  • 1:1 Low drain ratio saves 300% of water
  • 250ml clean water in 10 seconds. 
  • LED Display TDS Monitoring Panel
  • Colored Light Filter Life Indicator 
  • Sound Reminders  
  • 7-stage Deep Filtration Technology
  • Automatic flushing for self-cleaning
  • Easy DIY Installation 
  • 7-Stage Deep Filtration Technology  
  • Quick 3-second Filter Replacement
  • Overworking Protection


  • 65dB Noise Production 
  • Low Water Pressure
  • Drilling and alterations in pipeline connections are required

Waterdrop under-sink tankless water filters have a stylish and compact design to save space and water wastage with a stable water flow rate of 400 gallons per day, with various smart features for user compatibility and easy maintenance. Read Waterdrop G3 vs G2 comparison here.

Here's How We Test Products At Aquaprofessor

Frizzlife vs Waterdrop Under Sink : One-on-One Comparison

Parameters Frizzlife PD600 RO FilterWaterdrop WD-G3P600-W RO Filter
Easy Installation & Maintenance8.48.6
Water Flow Rate 9.08.6
Water Drain Ratio9.59.2
Water Taste9.29.3
Water Filtration Capacity9.19.4
Safety Features9.09.5
Customer Service9.59.0
PriceSee Offer PriceSee Offer Price
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What To Look For Before Buying Any Under-Sink Water Filter?

I was browsing different water-related subreddits when I found an insightful thread about the steps you need to take before any under-sink filter for drinking. I’m quoting the most helpful comment there for your ready reference:

Frizzlife Vs Waterdrop Reddit Insights

"Get a copy of the latest water quality report and/or get your water thoroughly tested, establish which contaminants you want to remove, buy a filter nsf approved to remove said contaminants, test your water afterwards to make sure it works as advertised. Without knowing the nuisance chemicals and their concentrations you don't really know what type of treatment to apply. Careful, these guys will sell you on anything and everything you may or may not actually need." 

Source: r/WaterTreatment

Frizzlife PD600 RO Water Filtration System: Full Review

Frizzlife PD600
Adarsh P/ Aqua Professor

Frizzlife under-sink filter systems have won our hearts since they were first launched in 2012. My personal experience and various customer reviews point towards only one conclusion – This one is a must-buy. 

Frizzlife Discount

Save $70 on official site


Let’s look at each aspect to better understand the product and its working.

Easy Installation and Maintenance 

A DIY installation guide is provided along with the package for ease of installation. An installation video is also available on the website to better understand and eliminate the chances of errors. You must be a handyman or have basic DIY skills to carefully put together the filtration unit.

What Does It Include?
It includes the PD600 filter system with cartridges, feed water adaptor, dedicated faucet with nickel finish, power cord, ⅜” and ¼” tubings, wastewater tubing, and an external mineral filter.

You must drill a countertop hole for the RO water faucet. Drilling is also needed to attach the wastewater tubing to the drain pipeline and feed the water adapter to the cold water supply from the main water lines.  

The filter housing has 3 holes for pipe connections:

  • One for dirty water input from the main water supply
  • The second for delivering clean water to the faucet through the mineral filter
  • The third for discarding wastewater to the Drain.   
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Fast Water Flow Rate

An excellent flow rate of 600 GPD amounts to 0.41 gallons per minute for constant water flow to the faucet. This flow rate can provide a glass of water (250ml) of clean drinking water in 8 secs. 

What makes it different from other water filters?

Unlike tank water filters, you do not have to wait for the tankless water filters to be refilled. You can extract clean water continuously for 30 minutes, after which it goes into protection mode and automatically shuts down to prevent wastage.   

Amazing Water Drain Ratio

Water Drain Ratio

They have a 1.5:1 Pure water-to-drain ratio, which means that for every 1.5 parts of water filters, 1 part is wasted and drained off. This ratio is pretty good, as most cheap house water filters waste a lot more water than they clean.  

The discarded water waste is drained off through the wastewater tubing connected to the drainpipe under the sink, and only healthy water goes up the separate faucet.

⚡ Satisfying Water Taste

Remineralization occurs in the externally connected mineral filter, where health-benefiting minerals are added back to the clean drinking water. Although, how one reacts to the water taste depends on them. 

Individual opinions vary due to past experiences and lifestyles:

If you are used to drinking mineralized water, you will find its taste quite satisfying; otherwise, you may not like it. Anyways, the water tastes far much better than tap water. 

Water Filtration Capacity 

The water filter contains 3 water filtration cartridges:

  • One is the RO (Reverse Osmosis) filter
  • The second contains the Carbon Block filter (CB Filter)
  • The last is a CF filter

Each cartridge has 5 layers of filter sheets for deep filtration technology.

Good Bye Germs!

The water filter removes 99.99% of harmful contaminants, chemicals, chlorine taste, and dissolved solids from minerals, silt, rust, salts, and heavy metals.

The pleated Micronet filter with atomic pore size removes bacteria and other microorganisms.   

Safety Features 

The Protection mode is an added feature in the Frizzlife water filter, which automatically shuts down the unit if you continuously extract water for 30 minutes. It is a safety feature that prevents water wastage if you forget you left the kitchen faucet open. 

There is a LED display to indicate the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) level of the filtered water and Filter life so that you can change the filter cartridges in time. 

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Smooth Customer Service 

My personal experience with the customer support of Frizzlife was great. They quickly responded to my email and call. The personnel are very friendly and truthful about their product.  

The 24*7 customer service is beneficial and quick if you have any queries regarding the product. 

Waterdrop G3P600-W RO Water Filtration System: Full Review

Waterdrop G3-W filter
Adarsh P/ Aqua Professor

Waterdrop water filters were launched in 2015 by the company Ecolife Technologies LLC. Since then, they have gained popularity and trust in the market and are among the most efficient water filter units. Their main USP has been their unique ultra-filtration technology. 

Waterdrop G3 Exclusive Discount

Save $55 on official Site


Here’s a detailed product description to help you make the right decision.

Easy Installation and Maintenance 

The Waterdrop G3 series with tankless under sink water filtration system has a relatively small and compact size that takes 50% less space under your kitchen sink. Thus, their installation is simpler and less complicated than tank filter systems.   

Follow the easy DIY installation guide (or watch this video) with the package to assemble and fit the sink filter in place. A few alterations here and there are needed as per your pipeline connections.

Drilling holes in PVC pipes is easier than in other material pipes. The Dedicated Faucet must be carefully attached to the countertop after drilling a hole.

The provided tubings might be extended, so cut them short according to the requirement. Always use the parts supplied by the company for better fittings and compatibility.  

Water Flow Rate

Water Flow Rate

The water flow rate of the Waterdrop WD-G3P600-W water filter is 400 gallons of water per day and 0.28 gallons per minute, which is quite good. It fills up a cup of water in around 10 secs. The water flow is stable and constant through the smart faucet with minimal delay.

Good Water Drain Ratio

The Waterdrop sink filter provides a 1:1 Pure water to Drain water ratio, which means that for delivering 1 part of clean water, an equal amount of water is wasted.
The discarded water is drained off through the wastewater piping. A good water drain ratio helps cut down your water bills.

Non-Mineralized Water Taste

As remineralization does not occur, you receive clean distilled water that tastes heavenly. Minerals usually alter the water taste, but as no mineral tank is provided with this unit, you only get filtered clean water without the re-addition of minerals. So, there is no need to mask the unpleasant taste.

You can separately purchase and attach the mineral filter with the unit if you need the goodness of healthy minerals in your drinking water.

Water Filtration Capacity 

Water Filtration Capacity

The water filtration capacity of this water filter is excellent, with 3 cartridges and 7 filter membranes in each for ultra-filtration of filthy public water supplies.

Contaminants Knocked-Out

It removes 99.99% of bacteria, harmful chemicals, common contaminants, bad taste and odor, dissolved natural minerals, and heavy metals. 

⭐ Smart Safety Features 

The Waterdrop sink filter offers various smart features like TDS monitoring, an LED display of output water quality, and a Colorful light indicator for filter life.

  • Blue light indicates filters are of perfect quality.
  • Yellow light indicates that they may have to be replaced soon.
  • Red light indicates immediate replacement.

Out of the three cartridge filters, the CF filter must be replaced every 6 months, the Carbon filter every 12 months, and the RO filter every year. 

The Overworking protection mode shuts down the system if used continuously for more than 30 minutes and runs the flushing cycle for self-cleaning. If you turn the on and off the system several times, it beeps to indicate an error and shuts down to save the filter unit.  

The flushing cycle also helps increase the filter’s life by removing clogs and dirt from the filter membranes. If not used for 24 hours, it goes into automatic flushing, known as the holiday mode.

Helpful Customer Service 

The customer service of Waterdrop is quite good. The customer support personnel respond timely and assist if needed. However, there have been some complaints regarding delayed replies and not living up to customer satisfaction.  

Overall, Waterdrop also provides a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 1-year warranty on its water filters. Cartridge filters have better efficiency and life expectancy than the faucet, pitcher, and counter filters. 

Waterdrop Vs Frizzlife: FAQs

Q1. What are the certifications earned by Waterdrop WD-G3P600-W RO Filtration System?

The Waterdrop WD-G3-W under-sink water filtration system is NSF certified with NSF 58 and 372 certificates. It is tested against ANSI and NSF International standards. It has also passed more than 400 water quality tests proving that the system is very efficient. 

Q2. Does remineralization take place in the Frizzlife PD600 Filter?

Yes, remineralization occurs in this filter system as an external mineral tank is attached to the unit. The mineral tank adds back the natural healthy minerals essential for the body and delivers slightly alkaline water to neutralize the effect of the slightly acidic reverse osmosis membrane filter.

Q3. Is a tankless RO system better than compared to a tank RO system?

It depends on your requirements. Tank water filters take more space and store a batch of filtered water in the tank for fast bulk supply, but tankless units take less space and supply fresh, stable, and comparatively slower water flow through the kitchen faucet. 

Due to low water pressure, the tankless systems cannot efficiently work with refrigerators. The water pressure drops further if you simultaneously draw water from the refrigerator and faucet. 

Plus, both require replacement filters after some time, and their maintenance cost differs. So, buy accordingly, keeping the affordable price range in mind.  

Q4. How long does Frizzlife filter last?

The Frizzlife filter uses 3 cartridge filters and five stages of the filtration process. You have to replace the 1st and 3rd stage every 12 months and the 2nd stage every 2 years. Proper maintenance, timely replacements, and cleaning can increase filter life.  

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