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How to take apart Brita Pitcher

How To Take Apart Brita Pitcher For Cleaning [In 4-5 Minutes!]

Brita pitchers are indeed ANSI, and NSF-certified to eliminate harmful contaminants. But, just like any other water filter, they get dirty inside (with dissolved solid particles) and require routine cleaning to avoid the unwanted growth of mildew and mold inside it.

Cleaning the Brita Pitcher of your home becomes a simple task if the required steps are performed properly. However, many people get confused with useless guides on the web and risk breaking their pitcher while performing the first step of the Brita filter’s cleaning, taking the pitcher apart.

Want a detailed guide on how to take apart Brita Pitcher for cleaning? Great! We promise a simple, to-the-point guide to help you complete your work in record time.

How To Take Apart Brita: Step-By-Step Guide

A Brita Pitcher is so designed that you can quickly separate each component. It comprises two separate containers:

  • The bottom container is the reservoir. 
  • The top one is called the filter holder. 
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Though it’s not that hard to open a Brita Pitcher, many people fear breaking the device while opening it. I tried my hand at successfully opening the Pitcher after failing five times, so I am sharing the steps that will help you open your Brita Pitcher very easily.

  • Step 1: Empty the Brita Pitcher reservoir before wiping its surface with a dry napkin. It will ensure that your hand doesn’t get slippery.
  • Step 2: Open the lock on the filter’s top to remove the Brita Pitcher lid. Keep the lid beside the pitcher.
  • Step 3: Now, extract the cylindrical-shaped Brita Pitcher filter cartridge (through which the water passes out) from the container’s center and keep it bridging the pitcher.
  • Step 4: Remove the white-colored container where the filter sits and clean the reservoir. Apply soapy water encircling the two containers and make their surface slippery so that the fixed parts get released. Next, apply force with both hands and pull up the white surface to remove it. By removing the filter housing, one can easily take out the filter. 
  • Step 5: Since the water gets stocked at the filter’s bottom, the water pitcher might encounter contamination by micro bacteria or algae. So, it’s important to scrub and wash the filter with mild dish soap. Clean up your pitcher very well with normal or cold water so that the water in it doesn’t get dirty.
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As the cleaning process gets completed:

  • Fetch some warm water.
  • Then use the lukewarm water to clean the pitcher completely.
  • Next, wipe lukewarm water from the pitcher with a cloth and keep it at your house’s room temperature to make it dry.
  • After some time, you can assemble Brita Pitcher and use them. This clean and sanitized water pitcher will be ready to give you great-tasting water. 
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How To Clean a Brita Pitcher: 5 Smart Tips [Maintainance]

Wanna know the ways to ensure the longevity of your Brita Pitcher? Then, here, I am sharing some smart cleaning tips to maintain Brita Pitcher efficiently.

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  • Use diluted bleach instead of vinegar to clean or sanitize your Brita Pitcher effectively. However, you should also remember that using too much bleach may have various side effects.
  • To secure yourself from hard water and get optimal performance, change or clean the filter of the pitcher and the water reservoir regularly. A filter change indicator will track filter usage, performance, and current filter status. So, before installing a new filter, activate the electronic indicator. It will give you filter replacement reminders. You can also check your filter life status anytime. Just press the status button for one second and then release. 
  • Always clean your Brita standard everyday pitcher and its parts with a mild detergent/cleaner instead of any abrasive cleaner. Also, rinse the machine well and dry it fully.
  • If you have a plastic Brita Pitcher, you can wash it within your dishwasher after removing its filter. However, you must only wash stainless steel pitchers with your hands.
  • To prevent algae growth inside your machine, ensure that your machine is not kept in bright sunlight. If you are not staying home for many days, consider keeping it inside your refrigerator. Many BPA-free pitchers are available in the market that easily fits in different fridges and holds up to 10 to 18 cups of water. 
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How To Take Apart Brita Pitcher FAQs:

How long does a Brita filter last for one person?

A standard filter of Brita or Brita filter pitcher model, as claimed by Brita, lasts for nearly two months. So, you need to change the Brita standard water treatment system every two months or after it has served you nearly forty gallons of water. 

Also, the filters of Brita Pitchers are three times more long-lasting than the normal filters and reduce the amount of chlorine, lead, cadmium, particulate matter, and mercury very effectively from your drinking water, thus improving its taste and odor.

How To Prevent Mold In Brita Pitcher?

To prevent green mold in your Brita Pitcher, ensure that you replace its filter on time. Also, don’t keep your pitcher in the dark area on the counter. Instead, keep it inside the refrigerator.

Every time you handle the filter, wash your hands very nicely with soap. Clean your Brita Pitcher at least once a month with mild dish detergent to prevent mold growth. 

What happens if you don’t replace Brita filter?

If you don’t replace your Brita filter on time, the contaminants, including bacteria, might not get eliminated, making your water polluted and eventually harming your health. 

So, changing the filter on time is crucial to stop the unfiltered water from coming through the machine. After replacing the filter, a stream of water filled with carbon dust may come out at first, but eventually, the tap water becomes contamination-free. 

How long does it take a Brita pitcher to purify water?

The ANSI or NSF industry-standard certified Clean Pitcher of Brita/Dispenser Filters takes approximately ten to fifteen minutes to purify water. Many customers have also confided that their machines have filtered the contaminants faster than expected. The Brita Pitcher’s faucet filter instantly purifies water from one’s tap.

Can I put lemon in my Brita pitcher?

You can put lemon or other fruit pieces inside your pitcher and some ice cubes to make and serve the low-calorie beverage. This beverage is healthy, and it is fun to have it.

2 thoughts on “How To Take Apart Brita Pitcher For Cleaning [In 4-5 Minutes!]”

  1. inside the handle of this pitcher turn black, how do I take it apart the handle , not the pitcher but the inside of the handle of the pitcher, mold captured there we can’t reach, Thank you

    1. To take apart the Brita pitcher’s handle, you can see this video: To remove mold in the Brita pitcher, follow these steps:

      1. Take apart the filter element in the pitcher (see the article and the video link)
      2. Soak the remaining pitcher in 1/4 bleach per 1 gallon of water for an hour
      3. Rinse with a solution of a few drops of dish soap in warm water.
      4. Let the pitcher dry.
      5. Install a new filter element, and you are good to go!

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