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Note:This page may contain affiliate links.

Waterdrop VS Berkey: Which Is Better In 2024?

Waterdrop vs Berkey

Waterdrop King Tank and Big Berkey are unique countertop gravity water filters with different features. 

Waterdrop King Tank boasts a 4-stage carbon block filtration certified by IAPMO R&T that is easy to install and effectively removes lead and chlorine. 

Big Berkey claims a multi-stage filtration efficiency, particularly against heavy metals, but is surrounded by controversies leading to a ban in California and Iowa. 

Continue reading as we dive deep into a detailed comparison between Waterdrop and Berkey water filters!

👉Do Berkey Filters Really Work? Pros and Cons Revealed!


  • Removes 200+ contaminants
  • Multi-Stage Filtration
  • Retains essential minerals
  • 2.25-gallon capacity
  • Storage tank with larger capacity
  • Durable stainless steel housing
  • Portable design
  • Eco-friendly
  • Available in many sizes
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Expensive
  • Inconvenient
  • Independent wirecutter testing shows inconsistencies in performance
  • Banned in California and Iowa due to disputed contaminant removal claims
  • Leaks through rubber spigot reported
  • Uncertified

Key Takeaway: Big Berkey offers gravity filters in various capacities with claims of multistage filtration and high contaminant removal efficiency. However, keep in mind its high cost, inconvenient design, controversies, and uncertification.

👉Is Waterdrop a Good Water Filter? Pros and Cons!

Top Pick
Berkey gravity filters


  • Utilizes 4-stage carbon block filtration
  • Effective lead and chlorine removal
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Cost-effective and eco-friendly
  • 2.25-gallon capacity30-day return guarantee
  • Thick food-grade stainless steel body
  • Metal spigot with water level monitor
  • Long-lasting filters
  • 30-day return guarantee
  • Quick customer service
  • NSF, WQA, and IAPMO certified


  • Minor flow rate issues were reported
  • Longevity concerns were raised because of rusting in the upper tank after a few years
  • Only one size is provided

Key Takeaway: Waterdrop King Tank offers a reliable and cost-effective filtration solution with a user-friendly design, NSF/ANSI 42 and 372 certification, good contaminant removal rate, and minimal drawbacks.

Here's How We Test Products At Aqua Professor

⚖️Is the Waterdrop Filter as Good as Berkey? Head-on Comparison!

Factors Waterdrop King TankBig Berkey Countertop
Contaminants removed Lead, Chlorine, Fluoride, Tannins, and Heavy MetalsHeavy metals and 200 + other contaminants
Water TasteGreatGood
Filtration Capacity 3000 Gallons per filter 3000 Gallons per filter
Water Flow Rate1.32 Gallons/hour3.5 Gallons/hour
Ease of Installation & Maintenance EasyEasy but inconvenient 
NSF Certifications NSF/ANSI 42 and 372None
Customer Support and Warranty Good with 1-year warrantySatisfactory with a lifetime warranty

Let’s dive deep into the factors to find out who is the overall best filter: 

🦠Contaminants Removed 

Contaminants Removed

The Waterdrop King Tank has undergone rigorous testing against NSF/ANSI standards 42 and 372 to ensure it provides safe and clean water. 

This testifies that the filter effectively removes a wide range of contaminants, including sediments, rust, lead, chlorine (98.95%), mercury, fluoride (98%), arsenic, viruses, bacteria, spores, and other harmful substances from tap water. 

Additionally, some reports also indicate its effectiveness against impurities such as tannins present in water supply.

Big Berkey gravity water filtration system claims to eliminate over 200 common contaminants from water, including heavy metals, chlorine, chloramines, herbicides, pesticides, and VOCs.

However, independent tests on Big Berkey have raised concerns regarding its contaminant reduction claims.

Reports suggest that the system may add contaminants instead of removing them, posing potential health risks (the fluoride filters add aluminum oxide to water). 

Furthermore, Berkey countertop systems do not remove fluoride, and their efficacy in eliminating other harmful contaminants remains disputed.

Winner: Waterdrop King Tank is the clear winner, given its certified contaminant removal capabilities and positive customer reviews.

😋Water Taste

Users of Waterdrop King Tank have reported a satisfactory improvement in water taste after filtration. 

Its advanced 4-stage natural coconut shell carbon block filtration system ensures a better post-filtration taste, significantly reducing bad taste and odor.

Although Big Berkey claims to enhance water taste on filtration, there have been reports of a musty taste and bacterial growth inside the filter, affecting the overall drinking experience.

Winner: Waterdrop King Tank wins due to its more refreshing and enjoyable drinking experience and its ability to consistently provide a good water taste.

🍶Filtration Capacity

Filtration Capacity

Waterdrop King Tank offers a high filtration capacity of 6000 gallons per pair of carbon filters and 1000 gallons per pair of defluoridation filters

Waterdrop uses a 4-stage filtration process that includes carbon block, ion-exchange resin, activated carbon, and PP cotton layered media to provide clean drinking water. 

The system has 2 carbon filters (Black elements) and 2 defluorination filters (White elements). The storage tank has a capacity of 2.25 gallons of water. 

Big Berkey filters offer a filtration capacity of approximately 3000 gallons per cartridge (6000 per pair), ideal for families with 1-4 members. 

They are also available in various models and can accommodate upto 4 filters per unit, making them suitable for households of different sizes. It has a 2.25-gallon capacity. 

However, concerns regarding frequent maintenance and potential bacterial growth affect their overall performance.

Winner: Big Berkey takes the lead in this category due to its high filtration capacity and adaptability to different household needs.

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💦Water Flow Rate

waterdrop king tank-1

The Water flow rate depends on various factors like the number of filter elements and water level. 

Waterdrop King Tank provides a consistent water flow rate of 1.32 gallons per hour, ensuring uninterrupted access to clean filtered water for daily use.

Whereas the water flow rate of Big Berkey ranged between 3.5 gallons per hour for 2 cartridge units to 7 gallons per hour for 4 cartridge units. 

Some users have reported interrupted water flow in Berkey, but mostly, it is quick. 

Winner: Big Berkey‘s faster water flow rate makes it a winner in this category. While Waterdrop has a satisfactory and consistent flow, it falls slightly behind Big Berkey in terms of speed.

🔧Ease of Installation & Maintenance

Ease of Installation and Maintenance

Waterdrop King Tank offers a user-friendly set-up. The filter tank (upper chamber) is nested upon the storage tank (lower chamber). 

Additionally, its maintenance requirements are minimal, ensuring hassle-free operation. It neither requires electricity to operate nor does it waste water. 

A convenient addition Waterdrop provides is the pure copper visual spigot to track the water level inside the storage tank. It prevents overflow and helps in timely refill.  

The durable stainless steel body has a flattened connection hole for the stainless steel spigot, ensuring a tight and leakproof fit. 

The dustproof holes on lids are intelligently incorporated to manage internal pressure and provide a stable flow rate. 

The Big Berkey gravity water filter system has a challenging installation and maintenance due to its design and size. 

Users have reported difficulty assembling and cleaning the system, affecting its usability and convenience. 

It comes with a rubber spigot and lacks a water gauge. Customers have often complained of leaks and water spills. 

Winner: Waterdrop King Tank emerges as the winner, providing a seamless installation and maintenance experience.

Remember that both filters must be kept near the edge of the shelf to keep the spigot hanging to fetch fresh water.

🎗️NSF Certifications

Waterdrop King Tank holds WQA, IAPMO, and NSF/ANSI certifications for standards 42 and 372, demonstrating effective performance and reliability.

Big Berkey lacks any certifications, raising concerns about its contaminant removal capabilities and overall effectiveness. 

In fact, independent testing has revealed differences between manufacturer’s claims and actual results, leading to controversies and bans in states like California and Iowa. 

Winner: The Waterdrop King Tank gravity-fed water filtration system is the clear winner here because of trusted NSF certifications backing its filtration efficiency.

🛃Customer Support and Warranty

Customer Support and Warranty

Waterdrop King Tank countertop water filter offers quick customer support with call and email assistance. You can also use the live chat facility on their website to solve your queries or register your complaints. 

It offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee along with a 1-year warranty on the product. 

Big Berkey provides technical support via call during their office hours five days a week. You can also utilize their 7 days a week message and chatting facility on the website. 

It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with a lifetime warranty on the parts and system and a 2-year warranty on black purification elements.  

Note that some users have encountered challenges with warranty claims and support services.

Winner: It’s a tie as both Waterdrop and Big Berkey offer satisfactory customer support and warranty options.

🏆Who Is The Overall Winner?

Waterdrop King Tank emerges as the ultimate winner in this detailed comparison.

Its certified contaminant removal capabilities, superior water taste, consistent flow rate, ease of installation, user-friendliness, sturdy build, and good customer service make it a preferred choice for homeowners looking for a budget-friendly and eco-friendly water filtration system. 

Waterdrop filtration systems prioritize performance, reliability, and user satisfaction and can be rightfully called a top contender in the competitive water purification market.

💡Waterdrop VS Berkey Filter: FAQs

Why are Berkey water filters banned in California?

Berkey gravity-fed water filters are banned in California and Iowa primarily due to concerns regarding their contaminant removal claims. 

It fails to meet the strict regulatory and public safety standards exercised by the authorities of these states, restricting the sale and distribution of Berkey products in these regions.

How long does the Waterdrop Gravity water filter last?

The Waterdrop King Tank boasts an impressive filter lifespan of about 3000 Gallons per carbon cartridge and 6000 Gallons for the pair of water filter cartridges. It is equivalent to approximately 53,000 units of bottled water.

This durability ensures prolonged use and value for consumers, minimizing the frequency of filter replacements.

Is Waterdrop Filter a Chinese company?

Waterdrop operates as a US-based company as its business office and distribution network is in the United States, while the manufacturing operations are established in China.

This dual presence allows Waterdrop to leverage global manufacturing capabilities while providing localized services and support to its customer base in the US.

How effective is gravity filtration?

Depending on the quality of the filter installed, Gravity Filtration Systems, such as the Waterdrop King Tank and Big Berkey, can effectively remove a wide range of contaminants, including chlorine, fluoride, bacteria, heavy metals, and chemicals like pesticides or herbicides.

The water simply seeps through the filter media due to the natural gravitational pull and gets cleaned along the way. They also offer convenience and ease of use, requiring minimal maintenance and electricity.

What water filter is better than a Berkey?

Based on comprehensive evaluations, including effectiveness, cost-efficiency, and user satisfaction, the Waterdrop King Tank emerges as a better alternative to Berkey filters.

The Waterdrop system offers advanced filter technology, ease of installation, and cost-effectiveness, making it a preferred choice for optimal water quality.

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