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Note:This page may contain affiliate links.

Are Whole House Water Filters Worth It? (Revealed!)

Are Whole House Water Filters Worth It

If you’re concerned about your tap water quality and thinking of investing in whole-house water filters, then know this: 

Whether whole-house water filters are worth, it depends on your incoming water quality, rental status, and budget. Generally, an NSF-certified whole-house filter is a great option if you’re on well water or receive heavily contaminated water. 

Continue reading for a detailed checklist on whether you need a whole-house water filter for your home in 2024.

🤔Do We Really Need a Whole House Water Filter? The Ultimate Checklist

You need a whole house filter if you’ve: 

  • You’ve Stained PipesStained pipes can represent water hardness, excess iron, or corrosion, which whole house water filters can treat.
  • You Live In Old House/Have Lead PipesHouses built with lead pipes have a high chance that your water contains lead, which is dangerous for health and needs an effective POE solution.
  • You’ve Dull Clothes + Dry Hair And SkinHard water minerals and high chlorine content can damage your hair and skin and dull your clothes. A whole house filter can solve such issues.
  • You’re On A Private Well/Poor Water Quality State. A whole house filter is a no-brainer if you receive well water or live in a state with poor water quality (like Georgia, Washington, and California).
  • You Don’t Mind Spending For Long-Term BenefitsThe whole water filtration system needs a hefty investment in terms of money and time for installation. Still, it’s the best cure for serious water-related issues and saves money in the long term.
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You don’t need a whole house filter if:

  • You’re On Rent/Can’t Change Plumbing LinesIf you are on rent and can’t change plumbing lines, the whole house water filter isn’t a good option. It needs proper space for installation.
  • Can’t Bear One-Time Whole House Filter Cost If you don’t have the budget for hefty installation and maintenance for whole house filters, you can opt for POU options like under-sink or pitchers.
  • You Only Need Clean Drinking WaterIf your shower water is fine and you only need safe tap water to drink, POU systems like faucet filters or pitchers are a better option than a whole house system.
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💡Are Whole House Water Filters Worth It FAQs

What is a whole house water filter?

A whole house water filter is a point-of-entry filter that provides clean, contaminant-free water to the tap, shower, and bathroom. Installing a whole-house water filter is troublesome and costly, but it lets you enjoy cleaner, better-tasting water throughout your home.

What are the costs of buying and installing whole house water filters?

Buying and installing a whole house water filter costs around $1K-4K, depending upon factors like local plumber installing charges and incoming water quality affecting filter replacement rate.

What are the different types of whole house water filtration systems?

Different types of whole house water filtration filters are:

1. Media Filters prevent debris and solid contaminants from entering your water supply.
2. Carbon-Based Filters- They effectively remove excess chlorine from incoming water.
3. Reverse-Osmosis Filters are best designed to remove volatile organic compounds, lead, and other heavy metals from drinking water.

What are the different alternatives to whole house water filters?

Different alternatives to whole house water filters are:

1. Water Pitcher Filters– You can fill them with tap water to filter it before drinking. 
Different alternatives to whole house water filters are:
2. Faucet-Mounted Filters are installed on faucets, and you can easily control them from on-off switches. 
3. Faucet-Integrated Filters- these filters are integrated within the faucets, and you can easily switch between filtered or unfiltered water.

How long do whole house water filters last?

Whole house filter lifespan depends on the type of filter, like:
1. Sediment pre-filter and Carbon cartridge has a lifespan of around 6-9 months
2. While a post-carbon filter works for only 24 months.

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