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Note:This page may contain affiliate links.

Filtersmart Reviews Whole House Filter+Softener: Worth It? (2024)

Filtersmart Reviews [Whole House Filter + Softener] 2022

Are you looking for honest filtersmart reviews on Water Filter+Softener Combos for your home? Look no more! You will get everything you need to know right here.  

We have gained hands-on experience with Filtersmart whole house water filters to provide you with the most authentic details about this company and its products. Keep reading to bring home something worth your time and money.

3 Best Filtersmart Whole House Filters And Conditioners [A Quick Overview!]

  • Filtersmart FS1500

    • NSF-certified parts and coconut shell carbon filter media with 20% more carbon.
    • Filtration Capacity of 1 million gallons
    • Reduce and prevent water scale by 99.6%
    • Eco-friendly Dual tank filtration process
    • Removes hundreds of harmful contaminants 
    • Premium Stainless Steel Cover
  • Filtersmart FS1000

    • NSF-certified parts and coconut shell carbon filter
    • Filtration Capacity of 1,000,000 gallons of water  
    • Removes all potentially harmful contaminants through absorption. 
    • Smart up-flow design
    • Eco-friendly
    • Easy installation with simple in-out design
    • String-wound 20-inch sediment pre-filter 
  • Filtersmart FS500Pro

    • NSF-certified components
    • WQA-certified filter media 
    • Eco-friendly
    • Energy-efficient 
    • No Salt or chemicals required
    • Increases efficiency and life of appliances 
    • Easy installation
Here's How We Test Products At Aquaprofessor

Before We Dive Into Full Filtersmart Reviews- A Brief Discussion On Filtersmart

Filtersmart is a private water filter company founded in 2013 and has made it to the top in just a couple of years. The manufacturing, packaging, and shipping headquarters of Filtersmart is located in Santa Barbara, California, United States. 

The reason for its success is the high quality, excellent service, good customer feedback, and competitive prices. The company claims that it is determined to replace outdated salt-based filtration units and make water purification eco-friendly and sustainable.

When it comes to proving the filtration efficiency, the NSF-certified stamp on the products speaks for itself.

On the flip side:

Besides the warehouse in California and online retail websites, customers are clueless about which other states sell Filtersmart units. It turns away many potential customers who prefer purchasing expensive products from walk-in stores. 

Overall, Filtersmart is a good company for whole house filters and water conditioners if you don’t mind buying them online. 

Filtersmart Water Softener Reviews+Top 3 Whole House Filters [Not Sponsored]

You are a smart customer because you decided to read this article before making any hasty decisions. You won’t be disappointed as we have personally tested and compared all the features of Filtersmart products.

Here are our top 3 picks:

1. Filtersmart FS1500 Whole House Water Filter System & Salt-Free Water Softener Combo


  • NSF-certified filter media and components
  • Water filtration+conditioning
  • Reduces lime scale buildup
  • Eco-friendly and energy-efficient
  • Does not add salt to the water
  • Easy replacement
  • Lifetime guarantee on tanks


  • Does not remove lead
  • No control valve
  • Pre-filter requires frequent replacements
  • Installation requires professional help

We understand how problematic hard water can be for a household. The woes include blockage in the plumbing, build-up in water appliances, colored spots on dishes, dry skin, hair fall, and so on. If all these seem like a nightmare to you, we suggest giving Filtersmart FS1500 a try.

Installation & Maintenance

Filtersmart FS1500
Adarsh P/ Aqua Professor

You can install FS1500 independently if you are a handyman and know basic DIY skills. But, it is recommended to call a plumber to make accurate fittings and not face any problems later. 

Maintenance usually includes the timely replacement of filters. Pre-filters are easy to replace but need to be changed frequently. The filter tanks lack a control valve but have a bypass valve for uninterrupted water flow. 

Removal of Contaminants

Filtersmart FS1500 can remove hundreds of harmful impurities from the water. The pre-filter filter holds impurities like dirt, sediments, debris, and fibers. The specialized carbon filter absorbs foul odor, bad taste, and chemicals like chlorine, chloramines, organic compounds, pesticides, and industrial solvents. 

The softener tank doesn’t remove but alters the structure of dissolved minerals. They are converted to micro-crystals that no longer have the ability to cause scaling, blocking, or staining.

Note that this system is ineffective for lead ions in water.  

Filtration Capacity

The system can purify 1 million gallons of water over 5 years. The flow rate can range from 12 to 15 Gallons per minute, depending on the model size you choose. Unlike the ion-exchange water softener, the salt-free conditioning tank doesn’t add sodium ions to the tap water. 


All the system components are NSF-certified, including the high activity, high purity granular activated carbon (GAC filter) made from coconut shells. 

For Those Who Don’t Know:

NSF is a standard testing body responsible for your health and safety. You can trust NSF certifications for your water filtration needs. 

Customer Support and Feedback from buyers

You will find a contact form on their official website, where you can drop your message. They also offer on-call, email, and a live chat facility. They reply on business days within their office hours from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. PST. They offer free shipping throughout the US. 

The Filtersmart FS1500 filter system comes with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. It also comes with a 5-year or one million gallons of filtered water guarantee on the primary carbon filter media. You also get a lifetime warranty on its tanks and valves. 

Some buyers say they received incomplete packaging and found it hard to understand the instruction manual. If you face such an issue, ring them up.

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2. Filtersmart FS1000 Whole House Water Filter System


  • NSF-certified filter media and components 
  • Filtration capacity of one million gallons of water
  • Available in two sizes
  • Removes chlorine and other contaminants
  • Good customer support
  • Eco-friendly with easy maintenance


  • Pre-filter requires frequent replacements
  • Does not reduce scaling
  • Do not provide soft water

If you receive treated city water with fewer minerals and only in-line contaminants and chlorine smell, you might want to consider FS1000.

Installation & Maintenance

Filtersmart FS1000 Whole House Water Filter System
Adarsh P/ Aqua Professor

Mind that the tanks are pretty big and heavy. Ensure there is enough space around the entry point of the main water pipeline. If you are confident about your skills, start installing after reading the instruction manual. If not, look up a plumber. 

The 20-inch sediment pre-filter filter needs to be replaced every 6-9 months, while the carbon filter works well for 5 years. Besides the replacement, Filtersmart is virtually maintenance-free.  

Removal of Contaminants

All large particles and impurities are held back by the pre-filter. Carbon filters are a must if your municipal water is high in chlorine, which is added as a germicide

Advanced Activated Carbon

The advanced activated carbon filter is ideal for removing chlorine, chloramines, herbicides, solvents, organic chemicals, and bad smells and tastes. Note that carbon filters cannot remove minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, or lead. So it neither prevents scaling nor softens the water.

Filtration Capacity

The filter capacity of the central carbon tank is the same, that is, 1,000,000 gallons. You can choose from two sizes that offer 12 and 15 GPM flow rates, respectively. This filtration capacity is enough to fulfill your water needs for 5 years. 


All Filtersmart products are NSF-certified. They meet the safety standards and pass the strict testing procedures set by the organization. You can also check the outcome water quality with a TDS kit for your satisfaction. 

Customer Support and Feedback from buyers

As mentioned earlier, you get on-call, email, and live chat support from Filtersmart if you have any doubts or complaints. You can fill out the contact form on their website if you want them to follow up. Only expect replies within their office hours from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. PST. 

Coming to return and exchange policies, Filtersmart provides a 90-day satisfaction guarantee and a 5-year guarantee on the carbon filter media. You also get a lifetime warranty on its tanks and valves. 

Buyers comment that it doesn’t reduce scaling or provide soft water, but that’s something you should have known earlier.

3. Filtersmart FS500Pro Premium Salt-Free Water Softener


  • NSF-certified tanks and valves
  • WQA-certified softener 
  • Salt-free descaling by 99.6%
  • Eco-friendly and energy-efficient
  • Built-in bypass
  • Long-lasting softener tank


  • Does not remove hard water minerals
  • Complaints of residues on surfaces
  • Usually beneficial in combination with filters

Do you know why municipalities of many states are banning the use of salt-based water softeners? The answer is that they are harmful to the environment in many ways. It has led to increasing popularity and acceptance of salt-free water softeners. 

So, we also decided to test the working of Filtersmart FS500Pro, which is a 100% salt-free water conditioner.

Here’s what we found:

Installation & Maintenance

Filtersmart FS500Pro
Adarsh P/ Aqua Professor

We will say the same thing as earlier, keep a skilled person along. Ensure all fittings are tight and leakage-free. Point of entry filters may require alterations to the main water pipelines.

In terms of maintenance, softener media can last for more than 5 to 7 years, depending on water quality. It ensures zero water waste ratio or electricity requirement, so no extra bills.  

Removal of Contaminants

Filtersmart FS500Pro water softener provides all the benefits of soft water without actually softening the water. It takes a 5-second contact time to show its action, whereas other salt-water softeners take up to 90 seconds

Template-Assisted Crystallization Media

The Template-Assisted Crystallization media has polymers that trap mineral ions to form their crystals up to a specific size. These crystals can no longer cause havoc in household plumbing, and the scaling is reduced by 99.6%

So, besides dirt and sediment removal by pre-filter, the main softener tank does not remove anything. 

Filtration Capacity

They, too, have a one million gallon filtration capacity. Depending on your water usage, you can choose from 12 and 15 GPM models. The softener media can work for 3-5 years before it needs replacement. 


While all the tanks and valves of Filtersmart softeners are certified by NSF, the TAC technology used in the softener tank is certified by WQA (Water Quality Association). They conduct microscopic studies to study the nature of such minerals.

Customer Support and Feedback from buyers

You can get in touch with Filtersmart personnel via phone, email, or live chat on their official website. State your woes and get a reply within their office hours from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. PST from Monday to Friday.  

Coming to return and exchange services, you can leverage a 90-day money-back guarantee. Plus, 5-year guarantee on the carbon filter media and a lifetime warranty on its tanks and valves. Buyers report issues like residues on dishes, leaks, and clogging. 

The Smartest Buying Guide For Whole House Water Filters + Conditioners In 2024

Why would you even buy a water filter if it doesn’t suit your needs? You must have realized by now that a whole house filtration unit costs a fortune. But, it pays off if you have a good unit that will keep you satisfied for many years. 

So, whether you are buying Filtersmart or any other water filtration system, there are some things that you should keep in your mind. Here we go! 

Sufficient Capacity 

Companies offer different capacities because not all households are the same. If you live in a small house with few family members, a few hundred gallons of water per day will suffice. But for bigger families, you need a higher amount of filtered water. 

Flow Rate

Flow rate matters when it comes to time. Would you like to stand for more than 10 seconds to fill a glass of water? Apparently not.

Good thing, Filtersmart filtration units are available in two sizes of 12 GPM and 15 GPM flow rates, respectively. The former is sufficient for one to four bathrooms and the latter for more than four. 


Water appliances and products, especially water filters, must undergo testing before selling in the market. It gives the customers peace of mind about their safety and builds trust. Buying products with proper seals, stamps, or certifications is usually recommended.  

Some public health organizations like NSF (National Sanitation Foundation), ANSI (American National Standards Institution), and WQA (Water Quality Association) have taken up the charge to pass testing guidelines and issue certificates. 

Water Quality

Do I receive water from the municipality treatment plant or directly from the private well? Does my water appear muddy or clear? Have I observed stains on my clothes or utensils?  

These are some questions you should ask yourself before choosing any filter system. High hard water minerals and contaminants in your source water are deteriorating you and your house. They must be removed or brought down to optimum water levels for smooth functioning. 

Type of Filter

The number of filter stages and type of filter media largely govern the water quality you can expect. Usually, every filter comes with a sediment pre-filter which holds back all large impurities, debris, dust, and fibers. It increases the life expectancy of following filter stages.  

Other filter media include activated carbon, salt resin bed, reverse osmosis membrane, etc. Study each type and compare it with your water quality to find the best fit. Don’t forget to check the lifespan of these filters along with the guarantee and warranty claims. 

Total Cost

Don’t think you are done once you have bought a whole house water filter. The purchasing cost is followed by installation and lifetime maintenance charges. Even though the products come with a DIY instruction manual, it is advised to hire professional help to make the fittings. 

Maintenance includes timely cleaning and replacing filter cartridges once their lifetime is over. If you try to overuse saturated filter media, it can do you more harm than good. The future cost also includes water and electricity bills, if any. 

Filtersmart Filters+Conditioners FAQs

Q1. How Do Filtersmart Conditioners Work?

Ans. Filtersmart filters+conditioner systems use TAC Technology to form nano-crystals of beneficial minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron. These crystals remain suspended in water and no longer accumulate to cause scaling or staining.

Q2. How Long Has Filtersmart Been In Business?

Ans. Since Filtersmart was founded in 2013, it has been around for about 9 years. It has grown into a multi-million dollar business and continues expanding its global market. 

Q3. Does Filtersmart Whole House Water Filter Remove Lead?

Ans. No. If your locality receives water with a high percentage of lead, Filtersmart is not the best choice. Even though it is efficient at removing multiple water minerals and contaminants, lead is not one of them.

Q4. How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Filtersmart Whole House Water Filter Cartridges?

Ans. The cost of replacing the coconut shell-based activated carbon filter cartridge is about $300-500. Such cost is bearable, as this replacement is needed only after a few years.

Q5. What Do Customers Say About Filtersmart Filters+Softeners combo?

Ans. We went through a handful of customer reviews on Filtersmart products. We must say that the customers seemed quite happy and satisfied with their clean water quality. We found 57% 5-star and 30% 1-star review counts on Amazon.

Many positive reviews say Filtersmart’s clean drinking water is better than bottled water. The bad reviews mentioned that this filter+conditioner combo is unsuitable for very hard water. Other issues included problems during installation and maintenance. 

Overall, the Filtersmart filters+softeners combo provides a good choice for consumers looking to solve low to medium hard water issues. It gives a good competition to SpringWell whole house filters, which we have reviewed earlier.

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