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PUR Water Filter Light Not Working [Troubleshooting Tips]

PUR Water Filter Light Not Working

Out of the numerous water filter options available, if you have a PUR water filter at home, you’ve chosen the top-selling brand among the certified lead filters.

But an annoying issue could be the PUR water filter light not working.

Keep reading to find all you need to know about this issue and how to fix it!

Why Is PUR Water Filter Light Not Working?

Why is PUR Water Filter light not working_

Let us look at the following list of the most-reported reasons first: –

  • The irreplaceable batteries, which have a lifespan of 1-3 years, have run out.
  • The “Reset” button does not pop out properly and is stuck in.
  • The red light is flashing, signaling the user to immediately change or replace the filter.
  • When installing a new filter, if the light blinks red or turns a solid red, it implies that there is dirt in the filter housing.

These are some easy-to-fix problems you won’t even need to call an expert. You can simply change batteries, replace or clean the filter, or press the Reset button to get the PUR water filter light back to life.

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Let’s Understand PUR Water Filter Light Meaning

Let's understand the PUR Water Filter Light better

To understand the issue better, you must first understand the working of a PUR water filter light. Using smart sensors, the color of the light changes to indicate the filter’s condition.

The light of a PUR water filter is mainly used to inform the users about the status and condition of the filter. In addition, it keeps track of the total amount of water filtered (in gallons) and the entire filtration process.

Here’s how the PUR water filter light works:

Green Light

It indicates that the filter is working just fine. The water you drink while the green light is visible is safe and healthy.

Once you replace an old filter with a new one, the light turns green again. After turning it on, the green light should blink six times, as stated by the manufacturer.

The green light stays stable when the filter is working fine. After a certain period, it automatically switches off to save energy.

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Yellow Light 

It indicates the need to change the filter soon. The filter might get dirty, or the irreplaceable batteries must have gone out. So, you must change the filter before the entire PUR water filter system stops working.

Another reason for getting the yellow light could be the improper positioning of the filter. When the filter isn’t positioned correctly, the yellow light either keeps blinking or stays stable while remaining yellow to notify the user about the same.

Red Light

It indicates that the filter is not working, and you need to replace it immediately. The water filter will stop working once it is too dirty, and the water that comes from it won’t be safe to drink.

You must replace the filter before the light turns yellow to red. Once returned, the light will again go back to the green color.

No Light

No light indicates that either the filter is dirty or the PUR water filter is in sleep mode.

You can reset the PUR water filter in this case. Keep reading to know how to reset your PUR water filter.

Now that you know which color indicates what condition, you can delve deeper into your filter light’s issue with much more clarity.

Although we have just listed two reasons for the PUR water filter showing no light, many more can help you troubleshoot this issue. If you’re sure about your issue not belonging to any of the above-listed categories, keep reading to find the reason.

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How To Reset PUR Water Filter Light?

Don’t look here and there, as we have compiled all the steps you need to fix the PUR filter. Let’s begin with:

⚙️Faucet System Reset

Follow these simple steps to reset your PUR water filter (faucet system): –

  • Turn the faucet off.
  • Unscrew the cover from the PUR unit to remove your PUR Filter.
  • Put the cover back on by screwing it once you put in a new filter. Note that if the filter fits loosely, it is normal and nothing to worry about.
  • Press the ‘Reset’ button and hold it in for at least three seconds until all three lights on the filter flash.
  • After the lights flash, release the button. It will reset your PUR water filter.
Caution: Ensure that the Reset button does not get stuck when you’re holding it in. Bring it back to place by gently pulling up the Reset button if it gets stuck. 

After completing the steps stated above, try turning the faucet on again. The filter should show a green light when turned on.

If it still shows a red light even after you install a new PUR water filter, we recommend that you contact PUR’s customer care for assistance.

Pitchers And Dispensers Reset

Pitchers and Dispensers Reset

Let’s start with:

  • Follow the initial three steps of resetting a faucet system.
  • After placing the new filter, find the “Reset” button at the top of the pitcher or the front side of the dispenser.
  • Press and hold it for about five seconds.
  • The light should flash green now.
Caution: Same as the faucet system method. Watch this quick PUR video guide for further clarification. 

Sometimes, even resetting your filter could be an issue. In such cases, what should you do?

Don’t call PUR customer care just yet. We’ve got the solution for you ?.

PUR Water Filter Won’t Reset [Solved]

A simple solution to the PUR Water Filter Not resetting issue

If the filter is not resetting, here’s what you can do: clean the entire system!

Sometimes, it happens that the system stops working because of excess dirt on the filter screen, making it non-functional.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Dissemble your PUR filter.
  • Rinse your filter with running water to remove debris stuck in filter parts.
  • Let the filter dry.
  • Once all is dry, reassemble the system.
  • Then press and hold the Reset button for three seconds in a faucet system or five seconds in dispensers or pitchers. The light must turn green, and the signal must be active.

If even this does not work, that’s your cue to contact the PUR customer care.

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Is the Light on Your PUR Pitcher Out? [Solved]

Is the light on your pitcher out_

It’s nothing to worry about! Moreover, you’ve already read what you should do to fix this problem.

Every time you use the filter, the light on your pitcher will flash either green, yellow, or red, depending on the condition and stage of the filter in its lifespan. However, if that does not happen, you must check if it’s working or not.

  • If you have a faucet system, you can hold the Reset button for three seconds. In the case of dispensers and pitchers, hold the button for five seconds. Release the button and see if it works now.

If it still does not work, the batteries may have run out. Consider replacing your filter, then.

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PUR Water Filter Troubleshooting FAQs

Do PUR Water Filters Have Batteries? How Long Is Their Life?

Yes, PUR water filters work on non-replaceable batteries. These batteries keep the electric PUR water filters running smoothly and effectively.

Latest customer reviews suggest that these batteries last for approximately one year though there is no official stat from the company.

Are There Any Benefits To Having PUR Water Filters At Home?

Of course, there are! PUR water filters remove harmful chemicals from the water, giving you a better sense of taste and smell.
PUR water filters are certified to remove mercury, lead, and other harmful contaminants from water, making it safe to drink. The company claims to reduce 99% of medical waste and bacteria from tap water.

What’s The Lifespan Of A New PUR Water Filter?

The lifespan of a PUR water filter is 40 gallons of filtration, which translates to two months of continuous usage.
When only about one or two gallons of water are left to filter, the light would usually turn green to yellow. That’s your signal to change the filter.
If you’re using an old filter, you must replace it immediately after it turns yellow, as it won’t take long for the filter light to turn red.

How To Reset The PUR Water Filter Light?

To reset the PUR filter light, you must first turn off the faucet system, dispenser, or pitcher. Remove the filter and then place it back into the unit.
Once placed, press and hold the reset button for three seconds for a faucet system or five seconds for a dispenser or a pitcher, and wait until all three lights flash.

Then release the button and ensure it does not get stuck after holding it in.

Can You Clean The PUR Water Filter?

Yes, you can clean your PUR water filter all by yourself. You need to remove the sediments first stuck inside the filter. Then you can clean all the filter parts by disassembling the entire system.
Rinse all the parts thoroughly with disinfected water and finally reassemble them.

Now click and hold the Reset button for about three to five seconds (depending on what type of filter you have), and release.

The light should turn green, and the water filter should work fine.

Here’s The Final Takeaway!

So, this finally brings us to the end of this article about PUR water filters and common issues related to them.

We have covered how light works in PUR water filters, how to reset a faucet system and a pitcher or a dispenser, why your filter light might not be working, and some frequently asked questions about PUR water filters.

Never wait and give a chance for your filter to die out, stop working, or go into sleep mode, as it will eventually decrease the efficiency of the PUR water filter.

If you have any questions, let me know by leaving a comment below!

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  1. my light is still not working and I did what I was supposed to do, I never had this problem with
    brita, I have the faucet filter.d

  2. My faucet system doesn’t have a reset button. This is my 2nd system. The first last quite a long time. Don’t remember how long I’ve had this one but not very long.

  3. My faucet mount filtration system from our does not have a reset button and I have changed the filter cartridge in it and my lights don’t work at all . Iam not buying another I will go to brita first and I don’t feel like dealing with customer support just to get a run around to find the ending to be buy a new one . I have had this system long enough to change the filter twice

    1. I’ll advise you to contact PUR customer support. It’s better to inform them to see if they can sort out the issue with free replacements.

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