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Note:This page may contain affiliate links.

How To Turn Off Water Softener? (& When)

How To Turn Off Water Softener

You should turn off your water softener when going for a long vacation (more than 1 month) or facing a potential leak issue.

Here are some quick & simple steps to ensure a smooth shutdown:

  • Turn on bypass mode. 
  • Unplug the water softener from the power outlet.
  • Shut off the water supply.

Continue reading for detailed steps on how (and when) you should turn off your water softener.

🤔How Do I Turn the Water off in My Water Softener?

How do I turn the water off in my Water Softener
  • Locate and turn on the bypass mode: Find the water softener bypass valve inlet on your water softener system and turn it on, seeing your bypass valve type.

    This keeps your water softener outside of your home plumbing system, disabling service mode and allowing untreated water to pass through.
  • Turn off the water supply (for maintenance): Identify the inlet and outlet water valves on your water softener and turn them off.

    This stops water flow into and out of the unit, making it safe for maintenance or repairs.
  • Unplug the softener (for extended vacations): If you plan to be away for a month or longer, unplug the power source of your water softener.

    This prevents softening resin damage and ensures the longevity of the device.

⌚When Should You Turn Off Your Water Softener?

When should you turn off your Water Softener
  • When You’re Going for a Long Vacation: If you’re planning a long vacation lasting over a month, turning off your water softener is better to prevent pipe leaks.
  • When You Detect a Leak or Any Other Fault in Your Water Softener: Turning off your water softener is essential if you discover any possibility of leaks or malfunctions.

    Doing so prevents further damage, minimizes water wastage, and avoids potential flooding in your home.
  • When You’re Doing Routine Water Softener Maintenance: Turning off your water softener during routine maintenance is a best practice.

    It allows you to clean or service the unit without water flow. 

💡How To Turn Off Water Softener: FAQs

Is it easy to disconnect a water softener?

Yes, it’s easy to disconnect a water softener. Here’s how:

1. Place the softener into bypass mode.
2. Turn off the water supply to the unit.
3. Unplug it from the socket.

Should I turn off my water softener if it runs out of salt?

While turning off your water softener when it runs out of salt is possible, this is not a long-term solution.

When a water softener runs out of salt, it can no longer effectively remove hardness minerals from your water.

Over a period of time, this can accumulate water minerals and iron buildup in the resin tank, damaging the water softening system and impacting its regeneration mode.

It’s advisable to refill salt promptly to ensure it continues to provide soft water.

What happens when I unplug my water softener?

Unplugging your water softener stops its regeneration process, but it continues to run as it continues to get the incoming water supply.

Why does my water softener keep running when unplugged?

Unplugging a water softener stops its regeneration cycle, but it may still receive incoming water supply, causing it to appear as if it’s running.

To fully stop its operation, it’s advisable to put the system into bypass mode, switch off the water supply, and then unplug it.

It will prevent any water from flowing through the water softener unit and ensure it’s not consuming salt or water unnecessarily.

Should I turn off my water softener when I go on vacation?

Yes, it’s a good practice to turn off your water softener when you go on a more than a month-long vacation. 

Here’s how:

1. Put on the bypass mode
2. Turn off the water supply
3. Unplug the water softener

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