How We Test Products At Aqua Professor?

The U.S. water purifier market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.8% and reach $9.10 Billion by the end of this decade, as per Fortune Business Insights. While this is great news for water purifier brands, what’s in store for common households like you and me?

Simple. If you want pure and safe water, be ready to pay more because public water treatment systems are simply incapable of handling the ongoing clean water crisis.

Don’t believe me? Here’s what The Guardian reported back in 2020 about America’s tap water:

“Across the US, drinking water systems serving millions of people fail to meet state and federal safety standards. Millions more Americans may be drinking unsafe water without anyone knowing because limits set by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are too high, the contaminants it contains are unregulated, or their drinking water source is too small to fit under EPA regulations.”

So what can Aqua Professor do about this? 

We make your investment in water purification and treatment systems easier and more effective. We spend hundreds of hours in deep research and rigorous testing so that you get the safe drinking water you deserve for your well-being. We educate you about drinking water standards in our recommendations and informative guides so that you are always one step ahead in your water treatment solutions.

Here’s what our product review process looks like:

Step #1: Goal-Oriented Research 

We are always active on relevant Facebook Groups, important subreddits, and Quora to understand your exact pain points, which we can solve in our recommendations. This helps us decide the parameters based on which we will rate different product choices in the market. Easy installation, easy maintenance, water flow rate, and good customer service are our go-to parameters to judge any filtration unit.

We extensively go-through NSF and WQA databases to check for water filtration certifications to cross-verify the manufacturer’s claims and tell you the complete picture.

We make an initial product list by searching on Google but “filter” them out based on well-accepted parameters so that our recommendations truly reflect your “best choices”. And yes, we are biased towards efficient, budget-friendly options. We rigorously hunt them down from the endless sea of product choices every time we offer product recommendations.

Step #2: Selecting Products You Can Rely Upon 

Our “filtered” list of filtration units after step #1 is good, but we go further. This is to ensure that our recommendation list is a small but efficient list of reliable choices available in the market. 

And for this screening process, we use the following parameters:

  • Customer reviews and ratings: We go down the rabbit hole and check all the mixed customer reviews on our first product list to find out how well the filtration unit has solved unhealthy water issues and whether the manufacturer’s claims are actually true or not.
  • Product Specifications: We go through product specs in detail, its filtration method, and its guarantee period to determine whether it’s a good deal for your money.
  • Customer Support Offered: We contact customer support with common queries and go-through real customer experiences to check whether the brand resolves customer queries and grievances as quickly as possible. If there are issues with customer support, we reject that filtration unit altogether. 

Here we want to emphasize that we are 100% honest and transparent in our product review process. Why be honest? Because we do not allow any sponsored reviews on our website. Our reviews are fully organic, and we do not engage in promotions with any water filtration company operating in the U.S. market.

We include affiliate links only to let Aqua Professor continue conducting independent testing and offer unbiased reviews. No big brand has and will influence our product recommendations. So be rest assured that our recommendations are fully original.

Why transparent? Because we are outlining our review process in detail here. Let’s get into the third step of our product testing:

Step #3: Reviewing Products With Hands-Down Experience. 

If there is one thing that’s the hardest to get, it’s your trust and support. And we are ready to do anything to achieve it because clean water is your birthright, and we will let you have it!

After steps 1 and 2, we usually have a final shortlist of 3-5 the best filtration units that are light on your budget but heavy on water contaminants. There is no scope for shortlisting for comparison guides and single product reviews, so we can directly head over to…

Real product testing!

We do this by purchasing the products, visiting the local store, or contacting the old customers of our final products on Reddit or via Facebook direct message. 

Despite our modest budget (we are small and a growing platform, after all!), we always try to get the most authentic and accurate product experience for an insightful review!

Here is a list of common checklists we religiously follow in all our product reviews:

  • Expert analysis explaining critical buying parameters in easy-to-understand language.
  • Discuss the product’s benefits and drawbacks based on original research and customer reviews available in various forums and communities.
  • Give a bird eye view of relevant information using quick previews, tables, and diagrams.
  • Inform about different models of the product and how the manufacturer has changed the product over the years to solve the customer issues (and whether they have actually succeeded in doing so)
  • Offer comparable information to help readers understand how the product stands against its competitors.

All the information provided on our website, whether in product reviews or information guides, is skillfully fact-checked by the owners of Aqua Professor so that only correct information reaches our readers.

Our product review process is inspired by the editorial standards of Wirecutter and Google’s product review guidelines.

We will urge everyone who has been reading this review process all this long to stay with us as we continue to offer useful guides and insightful product reviews, all for free. If you have any suggestions, mail us at [email protected], and we will respond within 48 hours. Promise!

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