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Benefits of alkaline water for your dog

Is Alkaline Water Good For Dogs: What Canine Experts Say [2023]

We know that alkaline water can be good for humans, thanks to its higher antioxidant properties, which lower acid reflux and improves overall metabolism. Also, it can treat hair loss.

But is it true for your pet dog too? Is alkaline water good for dogs? 

Here’s what the canine experts say: Alkaline water is safe and beneficial for dogs as it can help your furry friend drink more water and improve its metabolism and energy levels.

But, there are some cases when alkaline water may not be good for your dog. 

Continue reading as I answer all the benefits and risks of giving alkaline water to your pet dog, according to the latest research studies.

Why Can Dogs Have Alkaline Water: Benefits Revealed 

Here’s the list of alkaline water benefits for dogs, as stated by the experts. So, go through this table, and you will know why alkaline water is good for dogs (benefits of alkaline water), with credible references and testimonials from real dog owners. 

Benefits Reason Scientific research?
Better hydration (they drink more water)Alkaline water gets readily absorbed by body tissues due to its smaller molecules. Yes (Read Here)
Improves digestion, and metabolism Alkaline water improves the stomach’s pH, thus helping in digesting food and enhancing the dog’s metabolism Dogs’ digestive and body structures are similar to humans. And alkaline is proven to improve digestion and metabolism in humans (1) (2)
Improves hair and fur Alkaline water fights microbial growth (that usually leads to alopecia)Not present 
Improves dog’s respiratory system Alkaline water clears the airways, thereby improving the breathing Not present 
Improves joints The calcium content in alkaline water maintains healthy cartilage and joint function. It also maintains good bones and prevents arthritis in dogs by lubricating jointsNot present 

Better Hydration (They Drink More Water)

Increased hydration

Alkaline water has many health benefits. This water causes chemical changes deep inside your pets’ bodies, resulting in better absorption, thus keeping your furry friends energetic and active for long. Tap water, distilled water, etc., can give hydration to your pets, but alkaline water gives your pets long-lasting hydration. 

Two Reasons Support This:

  • Alkaline water molecules have smaller molecular formations as compared to normal drinking water. So, your dog’s body absorbs these molecules very easily.
  • The minerals in alkaline water improve circulation in your dog’s body, thus assisting its body in doing its job. 

Whether Scientific Research Backing It Up? 

Yes, scientific research on soccer players supports that using ionized alkaline water for hemodialysis works significantly compared to conventional reverse osmosis treated water

Testimonials By Pet Parents:

Watch This Video

You will see that the dog in this video prefers to drink Kangen (alkaline) water instead of normal water. 

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Improves Digestion And Metabolism:

Is your canine friend suffering from an upset stomach? Why worry! Research says that making your pets drink alkaline water will relieve their stomach, resulting in improved digestion and enhanced metabolism. It’s a cost-effective way of keeping dogs healthy.  


Studies suggest that, since alkaline water is high pH water, it safely raises your dog’s stomach’s pH level, thereby relieving it from chronic diarrhea, acid indigestion, constipation, and other issues. It ensures your doggy’s good health. 

Whether Scientific Research Backing It Up?

Yes, scientific research has backed that a dog’s digestive structure or body structure is just like humans. Alkaline water is very helpful in improving human digestion, better nutrient absorption, and metabolism. Besides, researchers have claimed that alkaline water has also improved stool quality. 

Testimonial For Pet Parents:

Watch this video, and you will understand how alkaline water can save your dog from stomach upsets. 

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Improves Hair And Fur: 

Expert says that alkaline water or alkaline dog drinks help improves your dog’s hair and fur by flushing out free but harmful radicals from its body. It saves your dog from hair loss. 


Alkaline water is known to cure alopecia. It treats hair loss of your dog by combatting the growth of microbes within its body. Besides, reducing the stripping of the acidic sebum through alkaline water assists in fighting your dog’s hair loss.

Whether Scientific Research is Backing It Up?

No, no scientific evidence is present to back it up.

Testimonial For Pet Parents:

I managed to get this video for you. Watch this video to know alkaline water’s capability in treating your dog’s hair or fur. 

Improves Dog’s Respiratory System:

Today, respiratory problems and food allergies have become common problems in pets. These problems result from the high quantity of undue components (for example, corn, corn products, etc.) in pet food. 

Food allergies may further result in various skin-it fur-related issues, sugar highs, etc. Alkaline water comprises the capability to cure these problems.


Drinking alkaline water clears your dogs’ airways, so their breathing improves.

Whether Scientific Research is Backing It Up?

No, no scientific research done up til now backs it. However, it has been practically seen that alkaline water helps in respiratory problems or other problems related to pet allergies.  

Testimonial For Pet Parents:

Read the testimonials to understand how alkaline water improves your dog’s respiratory system. 

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Improves Joints: 

Elderly dogs often go through joint pains such as arthritis. However, I have probed and found that making your pet drink alkaline water can give relief from the condition. 


Alkaline water has high calcium content. This calcium penetrates deep into your dog’s body, thereby increasing the mobility of its joints. Besides, it also helps in shock and pain absorption.  

Whether Scientific Research Backing It Up?

No, no scientific research has, till now, proved that alkaline water improves dogs’ joints. However, various dog parents found alkaline water helpful in alleviating the joint pain of their dogs.   

Testimonial For Pet Parents:

Read the testimonials to understand alkaline water’s efficacy in curing dogs’ joint pain.

Besides all these benefits, specialists, based on certain tests, assert that ionized alkaline water helps the dogs by treating their renal failure ( kidney failure). It is claimed to improve the acid-based parameters in animals after their hemodialysis. Also, ionized alkaline water is a safe strategy that can be applied for metabolic acidosis management, secondary to dialysis. 

However, this finding is debatable, and I’ll advise you to read my second point under the negative effects of alkaline water for better clarity.

Can Dogs Have Alkaline Water of Every Type? [Hint: No!] 

Alkaline water can be natural alkaline and ionized or artificial alkaline water.  Now, the question is, “are both kinds of alkaline water good for dogs?” No! 

Natural mineral water is healthy for dogs as it contains far more minerals than ionized/synthetic alkaline water, which can cause mineral deficiency.

Natural alkaline water has acquired its alkaline properties from nature’s porous rocks. This water’s high pH level and mineral content eliminate the acidic waste from your dog’s body, keeping it healthy and full of essential minerals.

Some of my friends who are dog parents have themselves confided to me that naturally, alkaline water had helped their dogs very much to stay mineral-rich and healthy. 

Mineral-Rich Natural Alkaline Water Usually Comprises Alkaline Minerals Such As:

  • Calcium – Alkaline water is rich in calcium. It’s a vital mineral stored in the animals’ bones and promotes their strong teeth, muscle building, and healthy heart and nervous system.  
  • Potassium – It boosts your dog’s energy and balances the pressure with sodium.
  • Sodium – It balances your dog’s blood pressure and ensures proper water intake by encouraging your furry friend to drink water. The mineral also maintains your dog’s nerve and muscle cell function.
  • Magnesium – This mineral develops your pet’s bones and ensures the proper functioning of its nervous system by producing energy at its cellular level.

What Are The Negative Effects of Alkaline Water For Dogs?

Alkaline water carrying essential nutrients, though very healthy for dogs, can sometimes cause negative effects. If your pet consumes too much alkaline water, its body’s pH levels may get disturbed, producing dangerous effects.

A Few Risks Resulting From Drinking Alkaline Water By Your Dogs Are

Alkaline water risks in dogs

Your Pet’s Stomach May Get Upset: 

Alkaline water may sometimes upset your dog’s stomach, resulting in vomiting and diarrhea. It may happen when pet owners introduce alkaline water to their dogs for the first time or feed them the water too much. 

It’s Harmful If Your Doggie Suffers From Kidney Disease:

Feeding alkaline water to a dog with an ailment related to the kidney may aggravate the condition. This is because alkaline water increases your pet’s blood calcium level and can seriously affect its health. 

Risk Of Developing Hypertension, Heart Problems, And Kidney Problems In Your Dog: 

Alkaline water comprises a high level of sodium and can affect your dog’s health if it fails to adapt to the sodium level in its body. Dogs can’t regulate their body’s sodium levels smoothly like humans, so drinking excess alkaline water may make them suffer from hypertension, congestive heart failure, and kidney problems. 

Your Dog May Turn Hyperactive: 

The alkaline water’s high electrolyte level imbalances your pet’s working nervous system if given in large quantities.

4 Helpful Tips For Safely Giving Alkaline Water To Your Dogs:

  • Keep monitoring your pet’s sodium level when you give them alkaline water and give it in moderation. 
  • Don’t combine alkaline water with medication. If your dog takes any medication, take the doctor’s advice before giving it alkaline water. 
  • Don’t give alkaline water to your dog when it is nursing. If your dogs drink alkaline water while nursing, they may suffer from Calciuria (excess calcium in the urine).
  • Don’t feed your furry animals alkaline water while on their meal. This is because alkaline water can neutralize the stomach acids needed for digestion, resulting in digestive issues. 

Consult with your veterinarian if alkaline water will be suitable for your pet or not. Ask him if there is any impending risk of giving it to your dog. 

Here’s The Verdict: Is Alkaline Water Safe for Dogs?

Alkaline water is the best

Alkaline water or other mineral-rich purified water (such as bottled water) is good and healthy for dogs. However, experts say filtered normal tap water with natural pH balance is the best for healthy dogs as such water is also readily available.

Nevertheless, if your dog is suffering from arthritis or allergies, you can give your dog alkaline water instead of tap water. After all, it’s painful to see your dogs suffer, and if alkaline water can assist, why not take its help? 

You can refer to our helpful tips to safely feed alkaline water to your dog. 

Does Alkaline Water Hurt Dogs: FAQs

What pH level water should the dog drink? 

Dogs should not drink high alkaline water from the start. So, when you give alkaline water to your dogs, start with water having 8.5 to 9 pH. This healthy water will provide surplus energy to your dogs, boosting their metabolic system. 

What is the difference between alkaline water and regular water? 

Alkaline water’s pH level is 8-9, higher than regular drinking water’s 7 pH. For this reason, alkaline water can neutralize your body’s acid content, which normal filtered water cannot. The acidic water, on the other hand, has a lower pH level than the pH level of regular drinking water. 

Are dogs okay with cold water? 

Yes, dogs are okay with cold water. However, they should be given the same water in small amounts, so they don’t get bloating in their stomach. If your dogs drink excessive cold water, you should allow them to rest for some hours to protect them from gastric volvulus

Can I give my dog human electrolytes? 

No, you should never give your dog electrolyte water or sports drinks like Gatorade or Powerade, developed for humans. They are not safe for your dogs. However, you can give your furry animal Pedialyte by following its feeding instructions, as it is safe to drink. 

Can dogs drink coconut water?

Yes, you can feed your dog coconut water. Natural coconut water hydrates your dog and provides useful vitamins and other nutrients to its body.  

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