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Note:This page may contain affiliate links.

3 Best Acid Neutralizer For Well Water (2024)

Best Acid Neutralizer for Well Water

Do you receive an acidic water supply like 16 million other US residents? 

Acid rain and runoff from mines can lower your well water’s pH level, which damages plumbing and harms your health thanks to heavy metals. 

🤔So, what’s the solution? 

Acid-neutralizing filter. That’s why we spent three weeks analyzing over 17 acid neutralizers to bring you the three best acid neutralizers for your well water in 2024.

Let’s dive right into it!

👉3 Best Acid Neutralizers (Cheat Sheet)

1. Springwell SCN1-6 Calcite pH Neutralizer

1. Springwell SCN1-6 Calcite pH Neutralizer

  • pH Range: 6.0 – 6.5 
  • Media: Calcite 
  • Flow Rate: 12 GPM 
  • Process: Auto Backwash  
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty on Tanks and Valves 
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2. Crystal Quest Acid Neutralizing Whole House Water Filter

2. Crystal Quest Acid Neutralizing Whole House Water Filter

  • pH Range: < 6.8
  • Media: Calcium Carbonate (White Marble)
  • Flow Rate: 9 – 13 GPM
  • Process: Auto Backwash
  • Warranty: 1-year Full Warranty
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3. US Water Systems Matrixx PH Balancing Backwashing Filter System

3. US Water Systems Matrixx PH Balancing Backwashing Filter System

  • pH Range: < 5.8
  • Media: Calcite + Magnesium Oxide 
  • Flow Rate: 10 GPM and 20 GPM 
  • Process: Auto Backwash 
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty on Tanks, 10-year Warranty on Valves and Electronics
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👍What Is The Best pH Neutralizer For Well Water? (Detailed Reviews)

Let’s get into the critical details of our 3 best neutralizer choices so you can decide the ideal one for your family! 

pH NeutralizerspH RangeHow Easy To Install and UseWater Flow RateNeutralizing Capacity Warranty 
Springwell SCN1-66.0 – 6.5Medium12 GPM1 – 1.5 years Lifetime Warranty on Tanks and Valves
Crystal Quest< 6.8Medium9 – 13 GPM750,000 to 1,000,000 gallons or 2-3 years1 year 
US Water Systems MATRIXX< 5.8Hard10 GPM and 20 GPMTanks: Lifetime Valves and Electronics: 10 years 

1️⃣ Springwell SCN1-6 Calcite pH Neutralizer

springwell acid neutralizer maintenance

Springwell is a well-known company for its quality well-treatment systems. The SCN1-6 Calcite pH Neutralizer could be a great buy if you are troubled due to issues arising from acidic water. 

Let’s look at its working and the features that make it stand out: 

pH Range and Media Used 

Springwell Calcite pH neutralizer works best if your water’s pH is between 6.0 – 6.5. 

Important fact:

Water is usually neutral (pH 7). If the pH drops below 7, the water is considered acidic, while above 7 and upto 14, it is considered alkaline. Thus, water with a pH level between 6.5 to 8.5 is considered healthy. 

It uses calcite media, a naturally occurring form of Calcium Carbonate made by crushing white marble. It is alkaline and thus neutralizes the acid in the water, increasing the pH.

Calcite Refill Required!

The water passes through the calcite media, slowly dissolving and showing its action. Hence, calcite media depletes with time and must be refilled again.

How Easy To Install and Use

springwell acid neutralizer components

Honestly, the SCN1-6 calcite acid neutralizer installation procedure is not easy. While a DIY guide is provided in the package, you need plumbing skills and mechanical tools. If not, call a professional to avoid breakage, leaks, or mishap. 

It is a POE (Point of Entry) unit and is thus installed where the main water pipeline enters the house. The calcite tank is 63 inches tall and 13 inches wide. There must be an electrical outlet nearby to plug in the power adapter. Also, a drainage area is necessary to get rid of backwashed water. 

Smart Bluetooth Control Head

The smart Bluetooth control head lets you program the neutralizing water filter from your mobile phone (in-app control). It also helps you review performance and troubleshoot technical problems. It also saves you the time and energy to start regeneration cycles. 

Flow Rate and Neutralizing Capacity 

Springwell SCN1-6 provides a 12 GPM (Gallons Per Minute) flow rate for homes with 1-6 bathrooms. A good flow rate ensures good water pressure in home water outlets. It can last up to 12 to 18 months, depending on your usage and water quality. 

Warranty and Customer Support

Springwell offers a lifetime warranty on its tanks and valves. You also get a 6-month satisfaction guarantee. The customer and technical support team are pretty good and quick to respond. You can also review their terms and conditions to know more about their policies. 

Springwell SCN1-6 Calcite pH Neutralizer: Pros and Cons


  • Innovative Bluetooth Head
  • Single-tank design
  • 12 GPM flow rate
  • Bypass Valve 
  • Lifetime Warranty on Tank and Valves
  • 6-month Satisfaction Guarantee 
  • Excellent customer service 


  • Expensive
  • Ineffective for water with below 6 pH
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2️⃣ Crystal Quest Acid Neutralizing Whole House Water Filter

Crystal Quest Acid Neutralizing Whole House Water Filter

Crystal Quest whole house acid neutralizer system is an excellent choice for people with high acidity in their water. 

Crystal Quest is known for utilizing the latest technology and making high-quality products. How well has it done in manufacturing acid-neutralizer filters? 

Let’s find out. 

pH Range and Media Used 

It works for water pH below 6.8 and helps increase it to neutral levels. It contains Calcium Carbonate media made by crushing and screening naturally occurring white marble.

The media dissolves and depletes slowly, which lasts longer than other systems. 

How Easy To Install and Use

Go through the DIY instruction manual or video tutorial to understand the installation procedure. Basic plumbing skills are a must for installation. So, ensure you are confident about this or hire a professional. 

Once set up, the filtration system is easy to use and runs smoothly. You can program the settings at your convenience and time. The backwashing is automatic.

Don’t forget to run the regeneration cycles timely and refill the media when decreased. 

Flow Rate and Neutralizing Capacity 

Crystal Quest acid neutralizer filters come in two media volumes: 1.5 and 2.0 cubic feet. The small model has a flow rate of 9-11 GPM, while the latter offers a flow rate of 10-13 GPM.

Similarly, the neutralizing capacity of the smaller unit is 750,000 Gallons, while the larger unit is 1 million gallons.

Warranty and Customer Support

Crystal Quest offers a 1-year full product warranty against all defects. Ensure you read the terms and conditions and comply with the use and care manual.

Impressive Customer Ratings!

The customer rating and reviews have been impressive so far. The common complaint is regarding the high cost and tricky installation procedure. 

Crystal Quest Acid Neutralizing Water Filter: Pros and Cons


  • Heavy-duty fiberglass casing
  • Programmable control valve
  • High flow distributor
  • Wastes less water in water regeneration
  • 1-year warranty


  • Expensive 
  • Costly installation


US Water Systems Matrixx

The Matrixx pH balancing neutralizer system is NSF-certified and utilizes FDA-approved components. It is also an auto-backwashing unit that flushes out trapped contaminants from the media when needed. 

Let’s look at its features in detail: 

pH Range and Media Used 

It works for water pH between 5.1 – 6.9, bringing it up to around 7. It contains a combination of Calcite and Magnesium Oxide media (Corosex) to neutralize acidic water up to an exact pH. 


However, it does increase calcium hardness levels in the water. So you may have to install an add-on water softener to deal with hard water problems!

How Easy To Install and Use

The installation procedure is similar to other acid neutralizer systems. It included a digital controller and a built-in bypass valve for easy usage. In addition, you can connect the system to their mobile app through Bluetooth connectivity.

The controller is programmed to carry out regeneration cycles at a specific time of the day. 

The automatic backwashing service must be initiated on your command every few days to clean the tank media. Lastly, you must refill the media from time to time. 

Flow Rate and Neutralizing Capacity 

Matrixx offers a flow rate of 10-12 GPM (Gallons Per Minute), which is good enough for a house with 1-6 members. 

Warranty and Customer Support

The company quickly responds to calls and emails but lacks online evidence of good service. There are no customer reviews of this product on the internet.

It offers a lifetime warranty on tanks whereas a 10-year warranty on valves and electronics.

MATRIXX PH Balancing Backwashing Filter System: Pros and Cons


  • Can handle low pH levels
  • Built-in bypass valve
  • Electronic controller head
  • User-friendly
  • Remote control through a mobile app
  • Lifetime warranty on tank
  • Low maintenance 
  • Easy refilling 
  • 10-year warranty on valves and electronics


  • Expensive 
  • No online customer reviews

📝Expert Acid Neutralizer Buying Guide For Well Owners

We’re giving away our buying guide checklist, based on which we selected our top 3 neutralizer picks above!

🫙pH Range

Not all acid neutralizers work for all pH levels. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14, with 7 being neutral. The lower the pH, the more acidic the water is.

So, as the name suggests, neutralizers try bringing the water pH more towards the neutral range (6.5 – 7.5). You should also know that it is recommended to drink slightly alkaline water for good health. 

As we are concerned with acidic well water problems, you must check the pH level of your water and rectify it with a suitable neutralizer.

For example, the Springwell Calcite pH neutralizer only works for a water pH range of 6.0 – 6.5. Therefore, if your water is more acidic (less than 6.0), you must choose other options. 


Thus, it is essential first to test your water pH level and then look for acid neutralizers in the market that work in that range. 

🌬️Media Used and Softening System

The most commonly used media in acid-neutralizing systems is Calcite, Magnesium, and sometimes their combination.

The media is prepared by crushing and powdering white marble or mineral rocks. When water is passed through the neutralizing tank, the media (alkaline in nature) is slowly dissolved in acidic water to neutralize the pH. 

So, compare the neutralizing strength of the media of different systems and pick the one that works the best for your water type. Moreover, as acidic water often leads to the leaching of metal ions, check your water for the presence of hard water minerals. 

Finally, install an add-on filter for water softening if the hard water begins causing problems like clogging, corrosion, and staining. 

💧Water Flow Rate

What good is a water device if the water pressure becomes too slow to carry out multiple chores simultaneously?

Go for an acid neutralizer with a decent water flow rate so your daily household activities are not interrupted. A peak flow rate of 12 GPM is usually recommended to maintain a good water speed in a house with 1-6 Bathrooms

📆Daily Water Usage

Acid neutralizers come in various sizes and capacities. Moreover, as the neutralizing media depletes with time, choosing a unit with a more extended capacity is the best. 

Use the following capacities as per the number of people or bathrooms in the house: 

  • For 2 – 4 people or 1-2 Bathrooms – a 1.0-1.5 cubic foot acid neutralizer 
  • For 4 – 8 people or 2-3 Bathrooms – a 2.5 cubic foot acid neutralizer
  • For more than 8 people or 3-5 Bathrooms – a 3.5 cubic foot acid neutralizer

⚙️Ease of Installation and Maintenance

If you are on a tight budget, installation and maintenance costs matter. The installation procedure can be challenging, even though it looks so in their DIY instruction manual. 

  • You should have basic plumbing skills to carry out the tasks accurately. If not, hire a professional by the hours. You can also contact the company’s technical team to seek help. 
  • Regarding maintenance, acid neutralizer systems are auto-backwashing units and thus waste a lot of water. In addition, the media needs to be periodically refilled as it depletes with time. 

People are satisfied with spending money on a water system, its installation, and its maintenance because it ultimately pays off in the long run. It saves you the cost you would have to bear had you not invested in water treatment like hospital bills, plumbing repair costs, high electricity, water bills, etc. 

Last but not least, keep price range and warranty in mind before purchasing. Sound acid neutralizer systems cost between $1000 to $2000. Replacement media costs around $50 to $180 per refill. The extended warranty is mainly provided on the tanks and valves.  

🧪Acid In Well Water: Meaning, Causes, And Harmful Effects

Acid in well water: meaning causes and harmful effects

The acid in well water means the pH is less than 7 (neutral). Acidity is measured by the presence of Hydrogen ions in water. Acidic water contains heavy metals such as Arsenic, Lead, Copper, Chromium, Nickel, Zinc, and Cadmium. 

⚠️Causes of Acidic Water

The high concentration of these H+ ions might occur naturally in some parts of the world or be a side effect of environmental factors.

For example, acidic water due to water pollution, acid rain, and chemical runoffs from crop fields often seep into wells or shallow groundwater. 

  • Acid RainWhen pollutants from vehicles and factories escape into the atmosphere, they combine with water molecules in clouds to form harmful acids that come down with the rain. This acid rain decreases the pH level of well water. 
  • Runoff/Discharge: Water pollution, discharge into rivers, and runoffs from chemically fertilized crop fields, mines, power plants, industries, and landfills often seep into well water and make the water acidic.

❤️‍🩹Health Effects

You must know that drinking acidic water harms your health. Here’s why: 

Exposure to heavy metals: 

When consumed, the acidic water disturbs the normal pH levels of your body. As the acidic water further leads to the leaching of heavy metals, they lead to toxic health effects such as:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal pain, 
  • Chills
  • Weakness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Organ damage (cardiovascular, renal, respiratory, and liver diseases)
  • Suppression of the immune system, and 
  • Even cancer

Bad of Teeth: 

According to research studies, drinking acid water for many years leads to tooth decay. This is because the acid deteriorates the tooth enamel and promotes cavities and decay. 

☠️Other Harmful Effects

Moreover, the flow of acidic water through pipelines leads to problems in the plumbing network. Here’s why: 

Damage to Plumbing and Fixtures

The corrosive acidity deteriorates the plumbing fittings and underground water pipelines. The heavy metal compounds accumulate in small fixtures and water appliances to cause blockage and increase the load. The loss is more if you have metal pipelines (iron or copper pipes). You will notice blue or green stains as signs of corrosion. 

📖The Ultimate Guide To Acid Neutralizer Water Treatment

We’ll explain the intricate workings of acid neutralizers in the simplest way possible. Let’s begin! 

💡What Is An Acid Neutralizer, and How Do They Work?

An Acid Neutralizer is a water filter used to treat acidic water. It is installed at the entry point of your home’s main cold water pipeline to ensure that all the water reaching your taps is first treated here.

They work on the ‘Neutralization Process’ principle, which states that acid and base react to form water and a neutral salt. 

Acid (pH 0-7) + Base (pH 7-14) = Neutral Salt + Water (pH 7) 

🤔What Neutralizer Media Is Used For Acidic Well Water?

The acid neutralizer media is a base. Common basic compounds used in neutralizer tanks are Calcite (Calcium Carbonate), Magnesium Oxide, or a combination of both.

Remember, the more acidic the water is, the stronger the base will be required to neutralize it. So first, get the pH levels of your water checked by a trusted laboratory. 

📌What Are The Different Types Of Acid Neutralizers?

Two types of acid neutralizers are available in the market: 

  • Backwashing/Downflow model: It helps remove sediments and clean your neutralizer media by reversing water flow. Thus, the water flows down the distributor tube, through the media, and out the drain tube. It lifts and expands the media by 50%, evening out the clumps or channels formed, if any. This system is only recommended if your water contains iron that may foul up the tank media. 
  • Non-Backwashing/Upflow model: It cannot be back washed but work equally efficiently as the backwash type. They do not require moving metal parts, electricity, or drainage tubes. These models are eco-friendly as they don’t waste water and are easier to install. 

Additionally, acid neutralizers are available in 2 styles based on working: 

  • Gravel Bed: As the name suggests, have a gravel deposit at the bottom of the tank where the distributor tube ends. The gravel helps reduce the water flow before it hits the media bed for backwashing. The distributor tube and gravel bedding can be removed if needed. 
  • Vortech: Vortech tanks were later introduced with a curved distributor plate at the bottom attached to the distributor tube. 

This plate rotates and has equal-sized slits through which water flows in a circular motion into the media during backwash cycles. 

Vortech design provides a better cleaning mechanism because of a longer contact time with the media. No gravel bedding is required in this model.

It wastes less water and provides a better flow rate than gravel bed systems. However, the distributor tube and plate are permanently mounted and cannot be removed. 

🔧How Do You Install An Acid Neutralizer?

To simplify it, we have broken down the procedure into easy-to-follow steps below: 

  • Find a suitable location for your acid neutralizer tank. 
  • Keep the plumbing tools and supplies handy
  • Turn the main water supply off
  • Assemble the acid neutralizer tank. Insert the distributor tube and fill the gravel and media through a funnel. Never fill the tank above two-thirds; some space is required for backwash cycles. 
  • Attach the electronic head valve to the tank manually. 
  • Attach the bypass valve to the head. (Check the in/out arrow symbols) 
  • Insert the two 1-inch adapters on the front of the bypass valve. 
  • Install the inlet and outlet flex lines through adapters. (You need to cut the pipelines and make the fittings) Use a wrench to ensure tight connections. 
  • Set up the drain line through one side of the valve. 
  • Plug the head wire into the nearby power outlet to establish an electric supply. 
  • Switch on the water supply to test the system setup and prep the media. Ensure your valve is in bypass mode, i.e., the inlet and outlet valves must be shut off. 
  • Start the backwash mode through the downloaded app on your phone. 
  • Check the system for leaks. 
  • Slowly open the inlet bypass valve to fill up the tank.
  • Let the system go through the backwash, rest, and rapid rinse. (1 regeneration cycle). It will take approximately 20 minutes. 
  • The valve will come back into service mode. Repeat the regeneration cycle 1-2 times until you receive clean water through the hose bib. 
  • After installing the backup battery in the head, place the dust cover on the valve.
  • Turn the house valve back on. 

⛑️How Do You Maintain An Acid-Neutralizer System?

The maintenance of an acid neutralizer system is easy. Just ensure that you have programmed the device well for timely regeneration cycles. Also, don’t forget to run the backwash cycle once a few days for a good-functioning internal environment of the tank. 

Besides that, refill the neutralizer tank media timely. Fill it upto a given mark on the tank to reduce the power load on the system and get good results. Maintenance costs around $50 to $200 once or twice a year. 

🎯Best Acid Neutralizer For Well Water FAQs

How often to backwash acid neutralizers?

For most acid neutralizers, it is advised to backwash the unit every 1 to 2 weeks to keep the media in good condition and avoid the formation of channels. You can easily use the remote backwash control from your mobile.

How often should you regenerate water neutralizers?

It depends on your water needs and usage. Usually, it is recommended to run the regeneration cycle every 2 to 3 days around 3 a.m. (when water is used least). You can easily program the date and time through your phone.

Does an acid neutralizer make water hard?

Unfortunately, yes. An acid neutralizer often uses media containing calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide, which are hard water minerals. Besides being alkaline and helping neutralize acidic water, their accumulation clogs water pipelines. So, acid neutralizers often need to be used with a water-softening unit to eliminate hard water problems. To ensure good drinking water quality, consider using an additional softening unit.

Is a water softener the same as an acid neutralizer?

No. A water softener is used to remove hard water minerals from the water like Iron, Calcium, and Magnesium. In contrast, an acid neutralizer helps raise the pH levels of acidic water. They both help save our household plumbing, hot water appliances, and health from deterioration.

When should I replace my acid neutralizer?

The acid neutralizer media must be replaced when it depletes below the minimum required level in the mineral tank to ensure proper action. In most models, you should change neutralizer media every 1 to 2 years. It also depends on your water usage and daily requirements.

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