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Note:This page may contain affiliate links.

Hydroviv VS Berkey: Which Is Best For You? (2024)

Hydroviv vs Berkey

Hydroviv and Berkey are designed to provide clean and safe drinking water quality but differ significantly in technology, features, and installation requirements. 

Hydroviv boasts specialized carbon media for removing PFAS and lead, combined with easy installation, while Berkey relies on multi-stage filtration to tackle heavy metals and requires no installation. 

Now, let’s dive into the detailed comparison:

🤔Are Hydroviv Filters Legit?

Shark Tank Star
Hydroviv filter


  • Customized carbon filters based on locality
  • Removes PFAS, lead and other common city water contaminants
  • Improved water taste
  • NSF 42 and 53 Certifications
  • Compact design
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Easy installation
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • Does not remove bacteria, fluoride and nitrates 

Key Takeaway: Hydroviv’s under-sink filter targets common city water contaminants, especially lead and PFAS and offers user-friendly installation. But mind you, they can’t remove bacteria or nitrates. 

😯Are Berkey Filters Really That Good?

Disputed Claims
Berkey filters


  • Multi-Stage Filtration
  • Storage tank with larger capacity
  • Durable stainless steel housing
  • Portable design
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Expensive to buy and maintain
  • Space-consuming countertop design
  • Independent wirecutter testing shows inconsistent results with the manufacturer’s claims
  • Banned in some states as it is ineffective in removing contaminants according to their regional guidelines
  • Re-filling required frequently
  • Cases of algae and bacterial growth reported

Key Takeaway: Despite offering multi-stage filtration, Berkey’s contamination removal claims are disputed, and they’re hard to use and maintain compared to Hydroviv.

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🎌Berkey Vs Hydroviv: The Ultimate Comparison

FactorsBig Berkey CountertopHydroviv Under-Sink
Contaminants removed Claims to remove 200+ contaminants with a 99% reduction rate (disputed)PFAS, Lead, Arsenic, Chromium 6, Hydrogen sulfide, VOCs, pesticides
Water TasteGoodGood
Filtration Capacity 3000 Gallons per cartridge (2)720 Gallons of water
Water Flow Rate1 gallon/hour0.72-1 GPM under 60 psi
Ease of Installation & Maintenance Easy setup on the countertop but requires filter replacement every 2 to 6 months Easy installation under the sink with filter replacement every 6 months
NSF Certifications Not CertifiedStandard 42 and 53
Customer Support and Warranty Satisfactory service with a lifetime warrantyHydroviv offers good customer support and 1-year limited warranty.
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Now, let’s delve into a more detailed comparison of these factors for both:

🧫Contaminants Removed

Contaminants Removed

Hydroviv‘s filtration system utilizes activated carbon block filters, eliminating nearly 99% of water contaminants. 

Their tailored filtration approach places a strong emphasis on addressing chlorine, lead, PFAS, arsenic, VOCs, and various common city water impurities and chemicals found in the customer’s area.

However, it’s important to note that this under-sink system does not eliminate fluoride, bacteria, and nitrates.

Berkey employs a multi-stage ultra-filtration process, which includes ion exchange and carbon media.

According to the manufacturer, Berkey water purifiers can eliminate hundreds of contaminants and filter out 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. 

However, their contaminant-removal claims are disputed by independent Wirecutter testing, and there have been reports that it actually adds contaminants rather than removing them.

It is also banned in some US states.

Winner: Hydroviv is the winner as it provides a certified contaminant reduction as per your location. 

😋Water Taste

Hydroviv users experience a refreshing water taste after filtration, as the carbon media effectively removes bad taste-producing contaminants, preserving the beneficial minerals. 

Berkey claims a noticeable improvement in after-filtration water taste, but there are reports of algae and bacterial growth inside the filter, making the water musty.

Thus, regular deep cleaning is recommended. 

Winner: Hydroviv wins here as it doesn’t remove healthy minerals and delivers better-tasting water directly through your kitchen faucet. 

🚰Filtration Capacity

Filtration Capacity

Hydroviv‘s under-sink water filtration system boasts good filtering capacity thanks to its active carbon media.

This filter is purpose-built to deliver personalized filtration solutions for typical household use.

With a filter capacity of around 720 gallons or roughly six months, depending on your water consumption.

However, note that the figure is still unclear because the NSF certificate and Reddit users report receiving a custom range of 300-600 gallons.

Hydroviv does not mention any filtration capacity figure on its product page. A Hydroviv article claims the filter lasts for certain contaminants like PFAS, lead, VOC for 95% of users.

The filtration capacity of Berkey filters is calculated per cartridge.

One cartridge can filter about 3000 gallons of drinking water, while a pair can last upto 6000 gallons

Regarding storage capacity, there are models available from Travel Berkey with a 1.5-gallon capacity upto Crown Berkey with a 6-gallon capacity.

Winner: Berkey has won this round due to its flexibility in accommodating various household sizes.

🚿Water Flow Rate

In terms of gallons per minute, the flow rate of Hydroviv ranges from 0.72 to 1 GPM under 60 psi pressure.

A drop in water pressure within the cold water line can lead to interruptions in water flow. 

The water flow rate of a Berkey filter depends on the number of filter elements used and the water level in the upper compartment.

More filter elements can increase the max flow rate, but it may still be slower than other filtration systems as it is solely a gravity-fed system

You can collect approximately 200 ml of water using Berkey in just 10 seconds

Winner: Hydroviv has won because of its consistent water flow rate.

⚙️Ease of Installation & Maintenance

Ease of Installation and Maintenance

Hydroviv water filters are relatively easy to install and maintain.

It has a comprehensive installation guide and all the essential components for a hassle-free setup. 

Remember that the package does not include its own faucet. So, you can either connect it to your existing faucet or opt for a separate faucet installation, especially for filtered water. 

As for maintenance, Hydroviv’s personalized filtration approach involves the purchase of customized replacement filters directly from Hydroviv.

Note that these custom replacement filters cost more than many branded and aftermarket filters. 

Berkey filters are expensive but easy to set up on your countertop. All the necessary washers and screws are included. 

The filter is divided into two containers: one upper container for filter media and one lower container for storing and dispensing the purified drinking water through a spigot. 

Maintenance is difficult because of the inconvenient and large countertop filter design.

Even the smallest travel Berkey is about 19 inches tall, which doesn’t fit into a common kitchen cabinet or refrigerator. 

The upkeep is also tiresome as the heavy upper container needs to be disassembled to be re-filled with tap water and then placed back on top.

During the shift, water often spills onto the counter or floor as the upper container starts filtering as soon as it is filled with tap water. 

Moreover, there have been complaints of musty water taste and smell from Berkey due to bacterial and algal growth.

The containers must be thoroughly cleaned regularly in a big sink due to their large size, increasing the daily cost. 

Winner: Hydroviv is the clear winner here because of easy installation and lower maintenance cost. 

📜NSF Certifications

Hydroviv filters have NSF/ANSI certifications for standards 42 (for chlorine reduction) and 53 (for lead, VOCs, and 50+ harmful contaminant elimination), offering trust in their superior performance.

Berkey filters do not hold any NSF certifications. The lack of extensive third-party testing may raise concerns for some users. 

Winner: Hydroviv is the clear winner because of its extensive NSF certifications.

🧑‍💻Customer Support and Warranty

Customer Support and Warranty

Hydroviv extends good customer support accessible through both email and phone calls.

It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to all its customers, promising a complete refund if the product falls short of expectations. 

Moreover, the product comes with a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

However, it’s worth mentioning that a few customers have encountered difficulties when attempting to assert warranty claims. 

Berkey offers technical support to customers five days a week during office hours. As an added convenience, they now offer an online chat feature for minor inquiries.

You can also fill out the contact form on their website for your queries. 

Berkey also offers a lifetime warranty on its counter water filters. 

Winner: It’s a tie as both companies provide good customer support and warranties.

🏆Who is the Ultimate Winner?

Hydroviv is the winner because its specialized catalytic carbon media, extensive NSF certifications, and convenience in terms of installation and maintenance give it the edge in this comparison. 

Hydroviv supplies personalized filters and is an eco-friendly option among the under-sink models, focusing on preserving essential minerals in your public water supply.

💡Hydroviv VS Berkey: FAQs

Is ZeroWater as good as Berkey?

Both manufacturers claim effective contaminant removal and hassle-free usage and maintenance, but Zerowater is independent NSF-certified, and Berkey isn’t.

Also, Zerowater has never been banned in any US state like Berkey for disputed contaminant removal claims.

In fact, it has helped remove 99% of lead and arsenic in well water, as shown in the 2019 North Carolina pilot study.

Does Hydroviv really remove PFAS?

Yes, Hydroviv filters are designed to remove PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) from your water.

The specialized carbon media used in these filters effectively targets and removes PFAS, GenX and other common city water contaminants.

You can refer to this study to learn how Hydroviv’s filter effectively removed PFAS from drinking water.

Can you take Berkey on camping?

Yes, you can take a Berkey water filter (Sports Berkey recommended) with you on a camping trip, but it can be expensive.

Other options like Sawyer’s Squeeze or Mini can be a better fit for outdoor activities like camping.

Does Berkey Waste Water?

No, Berkey filters do not waste water, as they do not use reverse osmosis (RO) technology.

The absence of RO means the absence of water waste, so all the water you pour into the system is entirely used for filtration.

Is Hydroviv as good as reverse osmosis?

Hydroviv’s filtration system is designed to address local contaminants effectively without wasting water, unlike RO systems.

While both Hydroviv and Reverse Osmosis systems have advantages, Hydroviv is still a better choice regarding water wastage and specificity.

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