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Note:This page may contain affiliate links.

Can Pregnant Women Drink Alkaline Water (New Research In 2024)

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Pregnant women can drink alkaline water, as this water is perfectly safe. No scientific evidence has suggested the harmfulness of alkaline ionized water because your body maintains its ideal acid-base balance naturally despite its intake of this water. 

In Fact:

Alkaline water has many health benefits, including its ability to reduce morning sickness. It does so through the neutralization of acidic discharge. 

However, many alkaline ionized water benefits are highly doubted by the scientific community as they have recently got some evidence of the negative impacts of alkaline water on human bodies, such as the disbalance of the body’s pH levels, heart ailments, digestion issues, etc. 

So what’s the truth? Can pregnant women drink alkaline water safely? Continue reading for a definitive guide with in-depth research.

Top 5 Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water While Pregnant

Alkaline ionized water has many perceived benefits, and here we will test all those benefits of alkaline water with research and opinions from renowned medical professionals. So, let’s explore it together. Here we begin:

Alkaline Water Benefit #1: Restore Acid Reflux

Details Of The Benefit:

A few studies, including a recently performed study done in 2012 on alkaline ionized water, demonstrate that the 8.8 pH value of this water helps alleviate acid reflux disease by buffering the excess acid content inside one’s stomach. So, it can be useful for pregnant mothers who frequently experience acidity and heartburn symptoms.  

The body of a pregnant mother, in her first few weeks, transmits most of the alkaline minerals to the placenta for nourishing the growing child. As a result, her blood gets acidic from the fetus’ acidic waste. It is here where the alkaline ionized water comes to help. 

Drinking alkaline ionized water restores the mother’s blood pH levels by neutralizing her harsh stomach acid or the blood’s acidic content. Also, the alkaline water helps combat her body’s acid build-ups in the other parts. 

What Do Medical Community Says:

The medical community says that the issue of acidic reflux, the laryngeal trauma in laryngopharyngeal reflux, or the esophageal trauma in gastroesophageal reflux mainly happens due to the tissue-bound pepsin of one’s body. 

This pepsin gets activated with the secretion of acid inside your body and remains stable at a pH of 7.4. Hydrogen ions have the power to reactivate it. 

After laboratory studies (on July 2012), it has been found that alkaline ionized water containing natural bicarbonate with a pH of 8.8 denatures or inactivates this human pepsin (an enzyme) and effectively neutralizes your stomach acid, thus saving you from acidity. 

Also, in 2010, another study was conducted regarding the acid-base balance and the hydration status of our body after the intake of bottled mineral water that are alkaline in nature. It has been found that alkaline ionized water is capable of hydrating our body and improving our body’s acid-base balance. 

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Final Takeaway: 

Acid reflux in pregnancy is real and alkaline water may help though there is no clinical evidence regarding the benefits of alkaline water in preventing acidity in one’s body. However, some home remedies can treat this issue in pregnant women better: 

  • Lift your bed’s head off the ground by a few inches, so you can sleep at a slight angle.
  • After the meal, sit for three hours in a vertical position.
  • Changing tight clothes with the loose ones surrounding your abdomen.
  • Don’t eat food within two to three hours before you sleep.
  • Eat frequent but smaller portioned meals.
  • Don’t eat foods that are spicy, heartburn-triggering, or greasy.
alkaline water neutralizes body pH

Details Of The Benefit: 

Thanks to alkaline water’s pH-neutralizing property, a pregnant woman will experience less morning sickness after drinking it. 

During the gestation period of 9 months, the fetus of a pregnant lady absorb nutrients from her umbilical cord and leaves all its wastes as acidic debris that is further released into the placenta. Besides, during the same period, the lady also gives her baby a lot of alkaline minerals throughout the 9 months to neutralize the acidic release.  

So, alkaline ionized water acts like a buffer, and drinking it helps balance or neutralize your body’s pH by removing the acidic wastes from your blood. 

What Do Medical Community Says:

Studies suggest that the normal pH level of our body is 7.35-7.45 (blood’s pH), and we have to stick to it. Also, the pH of stomach acids is 1.5-3.5, and that of the skin is 4-6.5. A slight up-down of these body parts’ pH levels may not be good for our bodies. SAD or Standard American Diet results in low-grade acidosis (a disease that leads to hormonal problems, metabolic problems, or loss of bone). 

Besides, the alkaline ions in TUMS or other antacids may cancel our acidity. On the contrary, it may neutralize our stomach’s gastric acid. It’s also not good as a certain point of acid in the stomach is necessary to properly digest food. 

Also, high acid levels in our body may result in diarrhea, anxiety, impaired immune function, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, delayed healing of the cells, cancer probability, etc. The solution to all these problems is nothing but alkaline ionized water, as it neutralizes your body’s pH.

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Final Takeaway: 

Heartburn during pregnancy is real, and alkaline ionized water may give immediate relief. However, it doesn’t solve the root cause. There are better remedies available to neutralize body pH during pregnancy. 

Alkaline Water Benefit #3: Fights Free Radicals

alkaline water and ginger fights free radicals in pregnant women's body

Details Of The Benefit:

The antioxidants in alkaline water fight your body’s free radicals (note: they are harmful substances) and save your body cells from damage. Drinking alkaline ionized water can help deal with these free radicals. 

What Do Medical Community Says:

The medical experts explain that alkaline ionized water comprises essential minerals that are alkaline in nature and have negative ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential). With the negativity of the ORP value (the water’s ability to behave as an antioxidant/pro-), the antioxidizing capability rises. 

However, the claim that alkaline water can help fight free radicals is somewhat contentious.  Some health professionals say that there are not sufficient research papers that support this claim which is mainly raised by alkaline water bottle sellers. 

The alkaline water’s proponents believe in its pro-aging and colon-cleansing properties. They also claim that this water supports your immune system and will detoxify and hydrate your skin, improving your health. 

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Final Takeaway:

More research is needed, but alkaline ionized water may help increase energy levels. But again, better options are available.

Alkaline Water Benefit #4: Reduces Chances Of Dehydration

alkaline water helps pregnant women stay hydrated

Details Of The Benefit: 

Pregnant women have notably more hydration requirements for their amniotic sac (that contains her fetus), replenishing water lost from vomiting (resulting from morning sickness), frequent peeing, etc. 

The ionization process of alkaline water helps many pregnant women absorb water into their body system more easily. This water calms down your sensitive nauseous stomach. 

What Do Medical Community Says:

The medical community asserts that gulping 4.01 quantities of alkaline ionized water daily positively impacts a person’s hydration status after she has undergone an anaerobic workout with a substantial reduction in specific urine gravity. 

Furthermore, the alkaline ionized water consumption exhibits a favorable consequence on urine pH at the time of the anaerobic test procedure and fruitful utilization after the execution of a high-intensity interval workout. In contrast to the effect of table water, alkaline ionized water improves the acid-base balance and your body’s hydration status. 

Scientific researchers in 2016 have explored that electrolyte water having a high pH level reduces blood viscosity after exercising. It can help in reducing the cardiovascular strain that occurs because of dehydration. So, alkaline ionized water intake improves anaerobic performance and post-workout rehab.   

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Final Takeaway: 

Alkaline ionized water can help to fight dehydration, but the 2016 study claimed it had a conflict of interest (it was funded by Essentia Water, an alkaline water brand).

Alkaline Water Benefit #5: Helps To Fight Constipation

alkaline water is claimed to fight constipation in pregnant women

Details Of The Benefit:

Most pregnant women face the issue of constipation during their pregnancy because of increased rectum pressure due to the growth of the uterus and increased hormone levels during the 9-month condition. 

Thanks to different laxatives, pregnant women get relief from the issue of constipation. However, they are artificial, and it’s always better to go for natural remedies such as consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables and drinking alkaline water. 

The alkaline ionized water hydrates your body a lot as it can absorb the water very easily because of its ability to restructure water into tinier molecules, thus making your bowel soft and relieving you from constipation. 

What Do Medical Community Says:

The medical community has asserted that after their research and survey on the usefulness of Alkaline-Reduced Water (ARW) in improving the diarrhea-predominant IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) symptoms, the ARW group’s 8 patients (61.5 percent) and Control group’s 6 patients (42.9 percent) have experienced improved symptoms within 4+ weeks out of 8 weeks of their ongoing treatment.  

Final Takeaway:

Alkaline water alone can’t help with constipation but adding it to a regular diet can make a difference.

Other Benefits Claimed:

  • Strengthens immune system
  • Reduces pre-eclampsia risk
  • Increases energy levels 
  • Helps morning sickness

Details Of The Benefits:

Alkaline water keeps pregnant women sufficiently hydrated and thus eases their morning sickness symptoms. Though gulping alkaline ionized water alone never becomes the end-all-be-all remedy for a pregnant woman, supplementing it with a healthy diet works. 

Drinking alkaline water also stabilizes your body’s blood pressure and lessens your hands’, feets’, and ankles’ water retention, thus saving you from pre-eclampsia. Furthermore, this water increases the energy levels of pregnant women. 

What Do Medical Community Says:

The Medical Specialists declare that alkaline ionized water can hydrate your body even after executing anaerobic exercise with specific urine gravity’s significant decline. With alkaline water, your acid-base balance and status of hydration are improved. 

Also, some preliminary data ascertains that alkaline ionized water consumption can improve the performance of anaerobic exercises and post-exercise recovery. 

Furthermore, alkaline water may help strengthen the immune system, reduce pre-eclampsia risk, increase energy levels, and alleviate morning sickness. However, further research is needed to confirm the benefits. 

Final Takeaway: 

For pre-eclampsia, low-salt content water is recommended and not necessarily alkaline. Other benefits claimed can be true, but more research is needed. A good diet and exercise can help.

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Are There Any Dangers To Alkaline Water During Pregnancy?

Natural alkaline water is safe and causes no harm to any pregnant woman. 

Some experts argue that alkaline water’s health benefits outweigh tap water. According to them, drinking tap water doesn’t help as much as drinking alkaline ionized water. However, that’s not backed by clinical research. 

But, a pregnant woman must be aware of artificial alkaline water. Artificial alkaline water comprises fewer good minerals related to its high pH and may also embody various contaminants. 

Also, remember that alkaline ionized water never cures cancer, prevents osteoporosis, or curtails heart ailment risks. On the other hand, this water, due to its increased acidic content, strengthens one’s body’s cancer cells. This fact has been concluded after various research performed by medical experts. 

A systemic review in 2016 found a lack of evidence that supports alkaline water’s ability to treat cancer cells. So, it has been announced that the promotions for alkaline water by the media or various companies claiming its ability to cure cancer and other diseases are scientifically untrue and unjustified. 

Also, the alkaline diet-promoting man, Robert O. Young, was imprisoned in 2017 because of his practicing medicine without any license. It was found by the MBC (Medical Board of California) that no cancer patient treated with his alkaline diet has managed to survive cancer. 

Can Pregnant Women Drink Alkaline Water: Final Verdict 

Drinking water is crucial for our body because it-

  • Adjusts one’s body’s internal temperature
  • Creates one’s cells
  • Carries proteins as well as carbohydrates through one’s bloodstream
  • Greases one’s joints of hands and legs
  • Washes out waste from one’s system
  • Creates one’s saliva
  • Behaves as an absorber of shocks for one’s spinal cord as well as brain

Pregnant women need even more water than a normal person because-

  • It generates more blood within their body 
  • It promotes the fetus’ blood circulation
  • It protects the fetus in the form of amniotic fluid (the liquid that encircles the fetus while it’s in the mother’s womb)

Many people claim that alkaline water is the best for pregnant women. However, it may not always be true. Alkaline water is heavily promoted by brands, and no clinical research backs its claims. Also, small studies are alleged to be sponsored by the same alkaline brands promoting it. 

So, it’s always recommended by health experts to consume tap water in filtered condition (by installing a water filter at your home). Also, healthy food, workout, and rest can help boost metabolism and energy levels more than any health fad. 

Either way, it will be wise to make your own alkaline water by adding pH drops or baking soda to normal tap water rather than buying expensive ionizers for alkaline water. 

Can You Drink Alkaline Water While Pregnant: FAQs

Can alkaline water cause kidney stones? 

Alkaline water never poses any severe health risk if your kidney is healthy. Besides, various kidney stones happen based on urinary pH. Alkaline pH always supports the crystallization of the stones containing calcium and phosphate, whereas acidic urine pH promotes the stones of uric acid and cystine.

Can I boil alkaline water?

Yes, you can definitely boil alkaline water. By boiling alkaline water, its alkalinity and micro-clustered property of water will remain the same. However, the water’s positive ions may get reduced because of oxidation.

Can I drink alkaline water while breastfeeding? 

Yes, you can drink alkaline water during breastfeeding. In fact, it’s completely safe to drink it during the breastfeeding period. However, be sure you are drinking the original or natural alkaline water, not the duplicate one.

What type of water is best to drink while pregnant?

Filtered/bottled water is safe for drinking/cooking during your pregnancy. However, be sure that your water supply pipes are not lead pipes. Also, installing a water filter system at your home will be better for getting purified water. Also, you can drink alkaline water as it is safe like regular water and hydrating. However, you may not get any added benefit from that.

Is alkaline water safe for baby formula?

No, you must not mix alkaline water with your baby’s formula milk or any other baby’s diet. It’s better to avoid this water while feeding your baby, especially if your infant is having any medication. This is because it may result in unwanted interaction with the medicines and induce the time-release drugs to be absorbed faster than usual.

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