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Note:This page may contain affiliate links.

Aquasure Water Softener Reviews: Harmony Series (2024)

Aquasure Water Softener Reviews

In today’s guide, I’ll walk you through my honest and in-depth Aquasure water softener reviews so that you can decide whether it’s worth your money.

Here’s the truth: Over 85% of the total water in the US is hard water. It’s responsible for skin dryness, rough hair, mineral stains on your clothes, and a low water flow rate. 

So having a water softener is a necessity rather than a luxury. But is the Aquasure Harmony Series the one you need? Let’s find out!

 Aquasure Water Softener
Aquasure Harmony Series 48,000 Grains Water Softener


  • Reduces the magnesium and iron levels present in water. 
  • Strong build-up with durable material used.
  • Smart display for function accessibility.
  • Excellent cation resin beads with a 10-year lifetime. 
  • Sufficiently enough salt-tank capacity to prevent frequent refilling.


  • It is hard to move the tank, owing to its heavy structure.
  • The size might be too large for small houses.

Despite being large and heavy, I found the Aquasure Harmony Series salt-based softener cost-effective for average-size households. It has a warranty, a smart display, long-lasting composition, a large tank, and it’s super-easy to install. 

Here's How We Test Products At Aquaprofessor

⚖️ Aquasure Reviews: Ratings Table

Below is a table that shows how well this water softener performs based on the following criteria: 

Easy to install and maintain9/10
Grain capacity10/10
Programmable settings9/10
Water flow rate10/10
Customer service 10/10

⚙️ How Hard Is It to Install and Maintain This Water Softener?

installing a aquasure water softener

The installation process is super-easy because an explanatory manual is provided with all the steps listed.

This dual-tank salt-based water softener comes with an installation kit, which includes all the necessary parts and connectors required for the process, including an outport. 

However, I called a professional plumber to help me out as I could not understand the technical jargon, being a new user. 

Low-Cost Maintenance

As far as the maintenance part is concerned, trust me, it never feels heavy on the pocket. It only requires you to buy salt, and that’s it. You must also check the salt level to ensure an uninterrupted flow of soft, spot-free water.

The parts are so durable that they would not require a replacement for at least 10 years. Moreover, it comes with an extended, 5-year manufacturer warranty.  

Before installing, do remember to check the hardness of the water. Also, check out the right size for your family before selecting a specific variant.

You can get an approximate idea from the following information: to get the best spot-free soft water. 

  • 32,000-grain capacity: 1-2 bathrooms and 3 house members. 
  • 48,000-grain capacity: 2-4 bathrooms and 5 house members. 
  • 64,000-grain capacity: 4-6 bathrooms and 7 house members.
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How Many Grains Can The Aquasure Water Softener Remove?

How Many Grains Can This Aquasure Water Softener Remove

There are three categories of Aquasure water softeners under the Harmony series. The only difference between them is their capacity to remove grains. The 3 variants are: 

  • 32,000-grain capacity (AS-HS32D)
  • 48,000-grain capacity ( AS-HS48D)
  • 64,000-grain capacity (AS-HS64D)
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The grain capacity is the number of grains the softener is built to remove before draining and refilling. So, it is crucial to figure out what grain capacity suits the best for your family. 

To do this, you need to multiply the sum of GPG (grains per gallon) and iron content (mg/I) by the total number of people in the family and the consumption of gallons per person. 

If the answer falls in the range of 3501-4500 grains per day, you need to buy a water softener with a capacity of 32,000.

If the grains of hardness are between 5,751 to 6,850, go for the one with 48,000 capacity.

And, if it is between 6,851 and 9,150 grains per day, choose the 64,000-grain capacity water softener. 

Are the Display Settings Easy to Use?

Are the Display Settings Easy to Use

The main components of this salt-based softener are the cation resin tank, brine tank, and a control head. The control head is smartly designed and has a digital flow meter.

One of them is the safety feature that ensures the water tank does not overflow. It has a mechanism similar to that of toilet tanks.

I found this feature quite helpful because I spend most of my time at my job site. 

The backlit LCD display shows the present rate of flow and the time and volume left until regeneration. You can easily set the water softener on the regeneration mode with just one click. 

Additional Features:

It also automatically calculates the amount of softened water needed to complete the backwash cycle and provides the optimum regeneration based on the calculations.

Since it has a bypass valve, you need not turn off the water supply, as you do regular maintenance. 

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It is hard to follow instructions when you are provided with a manual full of technical terms. This is what I did not like about the product.

So, I ended up watching some YouTube videos to find out the complete functionality and features of the product.

How Is the Hardness of Water Removed?

How Is the Hardness of Water Removed

This product removes the hardness of water through the process of ion exchange. The water softener has two tanks: the brine tank and the resin tank. 

When the hard water enters the tank filled with salt pellets, ion exchange takes place, where the hard water loses calcium and magnesium ions and gains sodium ions.

These unwanted mineral residues are collected in the premium-grade resin and discarded during the regeneration phase. 

Aquasure water softener with Aquatrol Advanced Digital head can eliminate scale and minerals like calcium, magnesium, and ferrous iron, which otherwise results in dry skin, scale build-up, and water stains.

Water Flow Rate?

At What Rate the Water Flows

The water flow rate is the volume (in gallons) of treated water you will get in a minute. Each of the three variants has different flow rates. 

  • The one with a 32,000-grain capacity has a flow rate of 9 GPM (gallons per minute).
  • In comparison, the product with a capacity of 48,000 grains flows water at 15 gallons per minute.
  • The largest variant (64,000-grain capacity) has the highest flow rate of 20 gallons per minute. 

Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the flow rate improves as the water grain capacity increases. 

How Well Do the Customer Care Executives Treat Us?

How Well Do the Customer Care Executives Treat Us

Aquasure is one of those companies which focuses heavily on customer satisfaction. The customer executives are very responsible, soft-spoken, and helpful. 

When I bought this product, I was doubtful about what salt varieties to use in this salt-based water softener.

I called the service staff, and honestly, they listened to my query with the utmost attention and provided me with a satisfactory answer. 

All and all, this company has fantastic customer service. The company provides a 5-year warranty on purchasing Aquasure Harmony Series Water Softener for further customer satisfaction. 

Here’s The Conclusion

I found this product really useful and definitely worth the money. I have been using this product for almost a year, and honestly, I have not faced any terrible issues or leaks.

In fact, it provided me with strain-free, soft, clean, great-tasting water and turned my dry hair into much cleaner hair.

From the installation to the maintenance and customer satisfaction, the company has made solid efforts to satisfy its buyer’s needs.

Now, it’s your time to analyze the review and make a decision!

Aquasure Water Softener Reviews: FAQs

1. What kind of salt does Aquasure water softener use?

You can use any type of salt—sodium chloride or potassium chloride—Aquasure water softener. However, it is highly recommended to use pellet salt.

The reason being is that this type of salt is relatively easy to dissolve during the softening process.

Moreover, it does not clog up the tank. If you follow a diet restricting you from consuming salt, you can use potassium chloride.

2. How often does Aquasure water softener regenerate? 

The digital control console has an advanced technology system that automatically begins the regeneration cycle once the tank softens a certain volume of water.

This volume can be pre-programmed or may also depend upon the water usage patterns, which involve the number of members in the household, their daily consumption, and the severity of water hardness.

Generally, in a house of 4 members, regeneration will occur after treating every 12,000 gallons of water. 

3. What valve does Aquasure use?

Aquasure uses a bypass valve that ensures a regular flow of water.

It means that the entire house’s water supply is not stopped in case you have to do some maintenance on the softener. 

4. How long do Aquasure water softeners last?

The Aquasure water softener lasts 8-10 years thanks to its durable materials.

However, the lifetime may vary depending on the water usage and the hardness of the water supply.

5. How to troubleshoot excess water in a brine tank of Aquasure softener?

To diagnose the issue of excess water in the brine tank, you first need to figure out the cause of the problem.

There might be a blockage in the drain line or the injector.

So, cleaning the drain line, brine valve, and injector is recommended. You can also try to increase the pressure of the water so that the injector can perform its job well. 

Where are Aquasure water softeners made?

Aquasure water softeners are manufactured in the US (California) and assembled with various internationally sourced parts. 

Who makes Aquasure water softeners?

Aquasure manufactures its softeners by itself. They are not an assembling company but a proper softener manufacturing company in the US. 

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  2. I have read a number of positive reviews on the Aquasure Harmony Series Softeners but cannot find any information on certification of their performance per NSF/ANSI standards. Without independent certifications, quality cannot be assessed. Customer reviews are of little value.

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