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Note:This page may contain affiliate links.

Frizzlife Water Filter Review 2024 [Tested & Compared]

Frizzlife Water Filter Review

Today, we will dive deep into Frizzlife Water Filter Review and cover all possible aspects of this filter.

Choosing Frizzlife Water Filter is wise due to its extensive filtration process.

So, let’s look into it and see some of its alternatives in the market.

Frizzlife Under Sink Water Filter System Review


  • Easy to install.
  • It comes without a tank: no space is required.
  • A big digital TDS display: clear and visible.
  • Good customer support: responds quickly.
  • Filter life indicator: an indicator in the display to inform you the filter life is up.


  • Noise and vibration: There is a moderate amount of noise and vibrations coming from this unit.
  • Problem with reverse osmosis systems: Water does not purify inside the reverse osmosis filter due to wastewater flowing across the membrane in the wrong direction.

Despite the problems, Frizzlife PD600 has desirable features that can make you “wow.” Learn how it compares to Waterdrop under sink filter.


  • Easy and fast installation process.
  • It doesn’t remove beneficial minerals from the water.
  • Improves the unpleasant taste of water
  • Fast and quick customer service: get a reply email within a day.
  • It comes with all the necessary parts needed for the connection, leading to a hassle-free experience after buying the filter.


  • The product is not NSF certified.
  • Filtration quality issues: lack of significant change in the quality of the water.

Frizzlife MK99 can fit anywhere and has all the features needed for a water filter. Learn more

Frizzlife Water Filter Alternatives

Waterdrop G2


  • Lightweight, and quiet.
  • Simple, linear, and easy to install.
  • This compact RO without a tank offers much more space for living.
  • Good filtration results: reduction of TDS by 90%.
  • Unlike traditional devices: appeals to modern aesthetics.
  • It comes with an extremely high-quality system.


  • Leakage issues: leaks occurs likely from the bottom of the filter section which will mostly cause damage under the sink.
  • Slow process: the filter has to run for 3 to 5 minutes to lower the TDS under 10PPM.

Waterdrop G2 would be ideal for your home as it is not directly visible to everyone and will fit everywhere. If you can solve the leakage issues and have enough patience to filter the water out as it requires a bit of time, then Waterdrop G2 could be a good choice. Learn more

Here's How We Test Products At Aquaprofessor

Frizzlife PD600 vs Frizzlife MK99 vs Waterdrop G2 (Comparison)

FilterEasy to installWater flow rateWater tasteEase of maintenance
Frizzlife PD6005/55/55/54/5
Frizzlife MK995/55/54/55/5
Waterdrop G24/55/55/54/5

Is Frizzlife A Good Company?

Frizzlife Homepage

Frizzlife is quite a new contender in the purifier market. It’s now clocking more than ten years of experience in household water solutions.

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The official about us page says their “exceptional” customer service team answers all your queries and complaints within 10 hours. But can we trust the company’s claims at face value? Atleast, I can’t.

So, I went deep into the customer review rabbit hole and tried to find the “truth” behind their “excellent” customer service. As it turns out, the company’s claim was no exaggeration.

Here’s the truth:

There are 18 global reviews on Amazon mentioning their customer reviews for the product we will be reviewing here, and even the critical customers are giving 5/5 for Frizzlife’s instant support.

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That’s pretty good for a young filter company.

As it turns out, Frizzlife cares about the environment as well. They have pledged to reduce wastage in the manufacturing and shipping process.

And just like many conscious households, they want everyone to bid farewell to bottled water.

Frizzlife Water Filter Detailed Review [Testing PD600]


Frizzlife PD600 is a compact, sleek under – sink water filtration system in a tankless design. It is fitted under the kitchen sink; thus, it saves a lot of storage and will remain mostly hidden. This water filter can deliver clean water, but as the RO membrane is acidic, it also removes natural minerals and dissolved solids.

Frizzlife Water Filter

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In the filtration process, it balances the alkalinity of the water and adjusts the PH to more than 7.5. Additionally, you will benefit from healthy minerals as it restores them to your water.

The Frizzlife PD600 is easy to install and very quick to change. You will get a simple instruction manual for DIY, by following which, you can easily install it in a few minutes and connect it to your cold water pipeline with good water pressure.

The installation instructions and operational directions are also uploaded on their website and YouTube channel for the ready reference of their consumers.

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The filter is designed in a way where the internal pump adopts to produce 600 gallons of water. This water flow rate is sufficient for a family of 6-7 people or even a small company. It can fill up a 330 ml cup of water in 8 seconds without being slow or unstable.

The filter is designed in a way where the internal pump adopts to produce 600 gallons of pure water. This water flow rate is sufficient for a family of 6-7 people or even a small company. It can fill up a 330 ml cup of water in 8 seconds without being slow or unstable.

Even after a longer period, the water flow is stable and equally fast. You could get a glass full of fresh cold water in a brink of an eye.

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The water taste is always subjective, so consider my test results with a pinch of salt. The water taste is neutral; there is not much difference from tap water. It could be its lack of efficiency in bringing back all the healthy minerals.

However, you always have the option of adding health-benefiting essential minerals and taste-enhancing agents to your drinking water, which makes it great tasting water.

This filter’s maintenance:

It can be a bit hard as it is fitted under the sink. However, you can remove the external remineralization of the sink filter without even turning off the water or unplugging the central unit. In, replacement filters, if you want to replace cartridges, you might want to turn off the water and the power.

As the customer care service is readily available, you can dial in them in case of any issues; you don’t have to know how to fix the problems.

Frizzlife MK99 Detailed Review [The Ultimate Test]


It is a two-stage high precision compound filter that removes 99.99% of harmful contaminants, bacteria and dissolved solids without filtering all required healthy minerals. It can eliminate most metals and harmful chemicals such as lead, chlorine, rust, volatile organic compounds, mercury, carcinogens, turbidity, odors, and bad taste.

This filter has a sediment filter cartridge with 5-micron precision which can easily eradicate particulate materials such as silt, sand, rust and chemicals such as chlorine, lead and mercury from water. At the same time, it has a technique to accommodate all the essential and healthy minerals vital to our body, such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

This under sink filter is certified by NSF, making it perfect for producing clean and clear water. It also has an auto shut-off design which can help a lot during maintenance. It will automatically shut off the water supply when the water filter’s cartridge is replaced.

It comes in suitable packaging and can be installed easily under the sink. It is advisable to refer to Youtube or the official sites before installing yourself. The filter housing has to be placed correctly to maintain a good water flow.

The water flow rate is above 2.0 GPM (Gallons per minute), which is good enough even for expensive water filters in this category. This filter capacity will facilitate uninterrupted cooking, washing dishes, and storing water in large utensils.

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In the case of water taste, this sink filter cannot be classified as changing the water taste entirely because it doesn’t offer much influence to change the water’s taste. Even though it can make the water a little more refreshing, it tastes most likely like tap water.

If the public water supplies or your tap water has a bad taste, you will have to add some taste-enhancing agents to the drinking water.

In terms of maintenance:

This water filter can save tons of money from your pocket. This sink water filtration system contains a core filter cartridge inside its system, and, in case of any damage to it, there is no need to replace the entire part. You can replace the core part of the filter cartridge separately, saving a good amount of money for you.

It is claimed that you could use each cartridge for more than two years, whereas you have to replace it after 6-8 months to get ideal filtration.

With the help of an auto shut down design, the filter will provide you with a hassle-free experience during a filter replacement. With this feature, you can easily change a filter within three minutes as the filter cap is designed with a built-in shut-off valve, which means you don’t have to shut off the water supply while changing the filter or even during the installation of this product.

Under-sink water filters are usually more expensive than replacement filters, faucet filters, carbon filters or pitcher filters, but much more efficient and reliable. The initial and final cost also varies on how well you handle and maintain the product. Some water filters also provide temperature specific service in case you need hot or cold water.

FAQs About Frizzlife Water Filter

What is the difference between Frizzlife MK99 and MP99?

difference between models MK99 and MP99_

Frizzlife MK99 and MP99 don’t have many differences. The MP99 comes in blue color, whereas the MK99 comes in black color.

MK99 doesn’t have a sink faucet, which means that you have to connect it with the faucet you have, and if it doesn’t fit your faucet, you have to buy adaptors or even a new filtered water faucet in rare situations.

However, MP99 has an additional dedicated faucet for city water, making it a hassle-free experience. Apart from that, all the other parts are mostly the same, even the filter cartridge.

How long does the Frizzlife filter last?

Is it easy to install the purifier_

Frizzlife filters can last for several months if used and fitted correctly.

Does Frizzlife filter fluoride?

How does the Frizzlife water purifier affect TDS _ PPM_

Yes! The three-stage counter filter system provides you with safe water as it can remove fluoride and other harmful contaminants from your tap water.

Is Frizzlife BPA free?

person asking Is Frizzlife BPA free illustration

Yes! The company claims that Frizzlife products are 100% completely BPA-free.

Who is Frizzlife?

Who is Frizzlife illustration

Frizzlife is a water filtration company offering quality under-sink filters at an affordable price range. The durability of the products from Frizzlife is not questionable; they last for many months. The maintenance cost is also not too expensive and can be afforded by almost everyone.

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