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Does Kirkland Water Have Fluoride In It? (The Truth Is Out!)

Does Kirkland Water Have Fluoride

Kirkland Water, aka Costco Water, is one of the fluoride-free bottled water brands in the US.

Its purified water division has 0 ppm fluoride; spring water has 0.3 ppm, whereas Italian sparkling mineral water has 0.1 ppm.

To give context, FDA limits fluoride content in bottled water to 0.7 ppm, so Kirkland Water clearly satisfies this directive.

But what about other drinking water contaminants and other contaminants? How safe is Kirkland water? Let’s dive deep into this!

💪How Healthy Is Kirkland Water?

How healthy is Kirkland Water

Kirkland bottled water comes from the Cedar River Watershed and the South Fork Tolt River Watershed in the city of Kirkland in Colorado.

These areas, which are strategically close to the well-known Rocky Mountains, provide a source of water that is very clean and free of pollution.

Kirkland water is available in various types, including:

  • Kirkland Signature Purified Water: This type of Kirkland signature water undergoes water purification processes such as reverse osmosis, or filtration process to eliminate impurities and contaminants, providing clean and purified drinking water.
  • Kirkland Signature Spring Water: Kirkland Signature Spring Water is sourced directly from natural springs. It undergoes minimal processing to retain its natural minerals while ensuring it is free from larger particles and impurities.

Niagara Bottling, which owns Kirkland Water, is a member of the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA). 

Now, coming to the part that everyone is waiting for!

🧪Does Kirkland Water Have Chlorine?

The Kirkland purified water is not chlorinated water, and also it doesn’t contain chloramine, as revealed in the 2023 Niagra water quality report. It contains chlorides (salt) like sodium chloride but is way below the 250 mg/L FDA limit.

⚗️Does Kirkland Water Have Pfas?

PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) are a group of artificial chemicals that can disrupt hormones and increase cholesterol levels even if present in levels as low as 2 ppt in water.

Kirkland Purified Water doesn’t have PFAs and other chemicals because it is sourced from springs or regulated tap water. 

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🍶Does Kirkland Water Have BPA?

Does Kirkland water have BPA

Kirkland water bottles are verified to be BPA-free bottles, assuring consumers that these bottles do not contain the chemical compound associated with the disruption in the endocrine system

However, class action lawsuits are filed against the company for their bottles not being 100% recyclable as they claim.

🧂Does Kirkland Water Have Salt?

Here’s the salt (chlorides) concentration of Kirkland bottled water:

  • Purified Water: 6.7 mg/L
  • Spring Water: 6.3 mg/L
  • Alkaline Water: 11.9 mg/L 


FDA limits salt content in bottled water to 250 mg/L. So, there’s no risk of excessive salt intake in Kirkland bottled water, and it is completely safe.

While there have been previous class-action lawsuits suggesting misleading labels on Kirkland Signature Black Raspberry Sparkling Water, it is worth mentioning that the lawsuit has been dismissed.

Recently, Costco recalled water bottles as plastic was found inside

👩🏼‍🔬Kirkland Purified Water pH Level

Spring water, purified drinking water, and purified drinking water with minerals added from the Kirkland signature brand have a pH below 8.0, indicating a neutral to slightly alkaline nature. In contrast, alkaline water, also available, has a pH level above 9.0 at the time of bottling.

In case you ask again if the Kirkland water has fluoride in it:

Kirkland water contains minimal to no fluoride content to cause concern.

📎Latest Costco (Kirkland water quality report) In PDF!

Kirkland Water Quality Report

The concentrations of contaminants presented in this guide were taken from the official 2023 Niagara Water Quality Report, issued by the company behind Kirkland Water, that is Niagara Bottling. Independent tests have also supplemented the data points mentioned herein.

For detailed and comprehensive information, please refer to the official 2023 Niagara Water Quality Report, which can be accessed in PDF format at the following link: Niagara Water Quality Report 2023.

You can visit Niagara Water’s website for more information and to view previous reports on the tested Kirkland signature water quality. They release water quality reports annually for all bottled brands under their ownership.

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❓Does Kirkland Water Have Fluoride: FAQs

 Does Great Value water have fluoride?

No, Great Value Water from Walmart has 0.0 mg/L of fluoride levels, as revealed in the company’s water quality report and independent tests.

What chemicals are in Kirkland water?

Kirkland bottled water reportedly has no chemicals or harmful minerals because the Costco signature water also contains added healthy minerals. 

Here’s the complete list of minerals in Kirkland water: 

1. Potassium Bicarbonate
2. Sodium Bicarbonate
3. Calcium Citrate
4. Sodium Chloride (within safe limits)
5. Magnesium Oxide

Which water brand has no fluoride?

Great Value, Sam’s Choice, and Icelandic Glacial are examples of other bottled water brands with no fluoride.

Why does Kirkland water taste weird?

It is unclear why Kirkland water tastes weird. Still, many have complained on Tiktok and Reddit that the water “smells like a dog” and “makes me sick”—usually, chemicals, bacteria, and metal concentrations in water cause weird smells and tastes.

If you suspect anything ‘fishy’ in your Costco water, better discard it.

Who owns Kirkland Water?

Kirkland signature water is owned by Niagara Bottling, a prominent beverage company for over 60 years and known for its quality production and distribution of bottled water. It is the largest privately held bottling company in the US.

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