About Us

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Our Vision

Our vision is to provide reliable and updated information about water-related queries. We believe that access to clean and tasty water is your birthright and we will help you achieve that. Through in-depth research and unbiased reviews, we will ensure that all your water needs are fulfilled for a healthy life.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to bring greater awareness about the precious life resource. Clean water are depleting faster than ever but just complaining won’t help.

Correct information and modern technology can help solve our age-old crisis. And we will empower you to do just that

Meet Our Team


Adarsh Pillai

Water Quality Blogger

As an Exercise & Nutrition graduate, Adarsh understands the importance of unadulterated water like no one else. 

Through this venture, he intends to provide useful resources to every home and office so that they can make smarter decisions.




As a B.Com pursuant, Sayan understands that access to clean water doesn’t have to be costly. 

He strives to provide knowledge of water purification techniques in the simplest way possible so that we can lead a healthy life without breaking our bank.

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