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Note:This page may contain affiliate links.

How to Use Iron Out In Water Softener? (3 Simple Steps)

How to use iron out in water softener

Iron Out is a popular rust removal powder that can remove iron buildup or deposits in water softeners. 

Here are the steps on how to use Iron Out in water softener:

  • Dissolve one cup of Iron Out powder in half a gallon of cold water for one-time cleaning or one-quarter cup of Iron Out in half a gallon of cold water for periodic cleaning.
  • Remove the lid of the brine well and carefully pour the solution to avoid direct skin contact.
  • Manually regenerate your water softener. 

Continue reading for detailed steps to use Iron Out in water softener to remove stubborn rust stains. 

👉How to Use Iron Out Powder in a Water Softener: Detailed Steps

Using Iron Out powder in your water softener is a straightforward process. Whether you’re doing a one-time rust stain cleaning or regular maintenance, follow these steps:

  • Put on safety goggles and gloves to protect yourself from dangerous fumes.
  • Add 1 cup of Iron Out powder to ½ a gallon of water in a container for one-time rust stain cleaning. Add ¼ cup of Iron Out powder to ½ a gallon of water for preventative maintenance.
  • Slowly pour the dissolved Iron Out solution into the softener’s brine well.
  • Run a manual regeneration to allow the Iron Out solution to circulate through the water softener resin tank, effectively removing iron buildup and rust stains.


  • Get a Mask to Avoid Breathing in Chemicals: When handling Iron Out or similar chemicals, it is essential to wear a mask to protect yourself from inhaling potentially harmful fumes.
  • Don’t Use in a Well: Iron Out is not recommended for use in well water systems. Try these solutions instead
  • Super Iron Out and Iron Out are almost Identical: Super Iron Out and Iron Out are essentially the same product with almost identical formulations. You can choose either product based on your preference or availability.
  • Generic Name and Alternatives: The generic name for Iron Out is “Rust Stain Remover Powder.” If you’re looking for alternatives, products like “Pro Res Care” or “Rust Out” can effectively serve the same purpose in dealing with water iron issues.

🎯How Often Should You Put Iron Out in Your Water Softener?

How often should you put iron out in your water softener

The frequency of using Iron Out in your water softener depends on the iron levels in your incoming water supply.

It is generally recommended to use Iron Out every six months if your tap water contains more than 0.3 mg/L of iron.

🤔Alternative Solutions

  • Rust Defense Water Softener Salt: Besides using Iron Out or regular sodium salt pellets, you can consider using Rust Defense Water Softener Salt. This specialized salt is designed to reduce iron accumulation in your water softener resin due to the ion exchange process, helping to prevent iron fouling.
  • Iron Filters: For cases where iron levels are excessively high, causing problems like a metallic taste in the water or severe rust stains in appliances, installing a dedicated iron filter in your plumbing system might be more effective. 

They prevent iron from entering the resin bed and salt tank in the first place, eliminating the need for continuous treatments like Iron Out to fix iron and rust build-up issues. 

In addition to iron removal, air injection/oxidation systems are an excellent choice to reduce manganese and sulfur, making them versatile for improving softened water quality and boosting water softener performance and filtration capacity. 

💡How to Use Iron Out In Water Softener: FAQ

Does Iron Out really work?

Yes, water softener cleaners like Iron Out effectively break up rust stains. You can see the difference as orange staining in resin beads, and brown water is noticeably reduced.

Many satisfied customers have reported successful results when using it in their water softeners.

Is Iron Out safe for drinking water?

Yes, Iron OUT is safe for use in water treatment systems and does not affect your health.

However, it is recommended to perform a manual regeneration cycle after adding Iron OUT to the brine tank. It will ensure that rust or iron particles are flushed down the drain.

What can you use Iron Out on?

You can use Iron Out to remove rust stains from:

1. Bathtubs
2. Toilet bowl and tank
3. Dishwashers
4. Kitchen sinks, etc.

And other water appliances. But mind you, it’s a temporary fix, and you must install iron filters to prevent rust staining in your appliances in the first place.

Can You Put Iron Out in a Well?

A: It is not recommended to use Iron Out in well water systems. Instead, you can use Rust Out for immediate relief.

For a permanent solution, install iron filters that use air injection oxidation (AIO) to prevent rust stains in the first place and also remove water minerals like manganese and sulfur.

How to use Iron Out in a toilet?

Here’s how to use Iron Out in the toilet:

1. Add 1/2 cup of Iron Out powder to the toilet bowl.
2. Use a brush to scrub the stained area in the bowl.
3. Wait until the stains are gone. Then flush.

If you see rust stains in the toilet tank, add 1/2 cup of Iron Out powder and leave it till the stains are gone.

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